A Calendar’s Day are Numbered

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by Captain Paul Watson

Tomorrow is the end of the world, except where I am at the moment, where it is now tomorrow and the world is still intact.

Australia, New Zealand and Asia seem to be doing well. No tsunami’s, massive earthquakes, exploding Krakatoas, the Earth has not split, and the oceans have not boiled over and a few billion humans continue to go about their silly business of slowly destroying the planet.

There has been no rapture and the fanatical Christians are still with us unfortunately. I have not heard of any of them being swept en mass into heaven. I’m still hoping the nut bars from the Westboro Baptist church get raptured. They can protest babies entering heaven there instead of Connecticut.

But what about the Mayans?

Ahh the Mayans. They did not do so well at predicting their own demise.

I remember August 27th, 1987. That was the day that the Aztec calendar came to an end. They also were not that good at prediction. They did not see the fall of their own empire until they heard Spanish voices in their streets.

We place a great deal of reverence for ancient civilizations forgetting that they were in fact quite primitive, although probably more intellectual in many ways than modern society, at least for the very few who could actually read and write. Without television, they actually had to read, well some of them anyways, and without the modern music industry people actually had to sing and listen to musicians in small venues.

For the most part, be they Europeans, Meso-American Indians, Asians or Africans a great deal of time and effort was wasted on superstition and fighting wars over superstitious beliefs. Kind of like the situation today really.

And one thing that has not changed is this ridiculous belief that humans have some sort of special insight into nature and reality. Astrology for example does not include the planets that were unknown at the time which pretty much knocks all the equations flat on their ass by virtue of the fact that planets that were actually there were not influencing anything because nobody knew they were there and once discovered they still remained absent from astrology because all the signs and symbols were established and not subject to change.

The Mayan Calendar like the Aztec Calendar is round. It really does not end, it just starts all over again.

The fact is that a calendar’s days are numbered.

It’s like all the hype and hysteria at the end of millenniums and the strange thing is that millenniums are based on random dates that have no meaning. The year 2000 is not the year 2000 for the Muslims, the Jews or the Chinese for example.

Humans do not and never have controlled nature, physics, or the future. Human vanity may wish otherwise but the reality is that humanity is simply one of billions of species that have inhabited the Earth and humanity has only been around for a tiny fraction of the Earth’s history. The Earth will be around for a few billion years after humanity has disappeared.

Instead of worrying about silly predictions, we should be concerned about what we are doing to ourselves and our children with escalating population growth and diminishing resources. This is where the end will come about, the end of civilization first followed by extinction of the human species. We will be eradicated by our own ecological stupidity.

When will this happen? That I cannot say. In twenty years, a hundred years, but it will happen unless we curb growth and end the wasteful consumption of the planet’s diminishing resources.

When the Oceans die, we die.

When there is no more fresh water, we die.

When there are no more forests, we die.

When the land dies, we die.

When diversity dies, we die.

Why did the Mayans and the Incas disappear?

They disappeared because their populations grew greater than their resource base. That is the real lesson they left us.

1 thought on “A Calendar’s Day are Numbered

  1. Well said Capt. Watson. I know it and you know it, but how do we get all of the sheeple out there to cooperate? That’s the problem. We know all of the scientific reasons why we are going to implode. But reaching every segment and getting that segment to cooperate (assuming that they are on the same wave length) is the crux of this. Would a partial effort save us? Because this is all that I think we can count on. Ooooops! We are going down, no doubt. Should we thrash around in a partial attempt to save our species, or should we just say F—-It and party on? The compliance necessary to make a difference will escape us as we cannot co-operate no matter what the stakes. Oh Well.

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