Another Dog Trapped & Killed! Who’s Next?

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Trapping is well underway in Montana and with much more to come!

Among our worst fears is the trapping of our beloved companion animals. For another Montana family our nightmare is their realty.

Sweet Betsy, only 17 months old, was killed in a massive conibear trap illegally set along the Clark Fork river in city limits of Missoula.

Betsy’s family posted the following on facebook to warn others of the hidden unsuspecting dangers of trapping and the heartache they now suffer.

December 4 at 3:48 PM
“We have some very bad news, and I apologize to those who have to learn of this through facebook but we want to spread awareness. Our sweet Betsy dog was caught in an illegal trap on Sunday night and she did not survive. Bryan and I have lost our family member. We are horrified and brokenhearted. Betsy was only 17 months old. It…

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1 thought on “Another Dog Trapped & Killed! Who’s Next?

  1. Unfortunately, the steal trap is ubiquitous in the U.S., Canada and other countries as well. Millions of innocent animals are suffering and dying because of them. Often, it is only when a domestic pet gets caught in one, that the general public then becomes aware of this horrible torture device. All trapping should be “Illegal.” This is a medieval device, used by “game agencies” ranchers, hunters and trappers. Often, hunters will set traps while waiting in their deer blind, just to pass the time. The Livestock Industry also condones and utilizes traps to kill coyotes, mountain lions, and any other wild animal they deem a “threat” to cows or sheep. It is a terrible slaughter going on in our National Forests, wilderness areas, even Wildlife Refuges.

    for more info and to sign the petition on trapping visit: and

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