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Forget Hunters' Feeble Rationalizations and Trust Your Gut Feelings: Making Sport of Killing Is Not Healthy Human Behavior

Exposing the Big Game

Seattle woman’s tweet about South Carolina hunting tragedy sparks outrage

A Seattle-area woman’s now-deleted tweet is being called repulsive and shameful. It made her a target with personal information being posted online.

SEATTLE — In the aftermath of a South Carolina hunting accident, a Washington woman’s now-deleted tweet is being called repulsive and shameful.

On New Year’s Day, Kim Drawdy and his nine-year-old daughter, Lauren, were reportedly mistaken for deer and shot by a fellow hunter.

As soon as NBC News shared the article about the accident on Twitter, condolences came flooding in, but so did a comment attributed to a Seattle-area woman, Lana Kiossovski.

The comment listed under Kiossovski’s name said, “1.5 less MAGAbilly’s in the world. At least they died supporting their beloved 2nd amendment.”

The outrage was instant with angry comments directed at Kiossovski, and someone even shared her personal information online.

MyNorthwest published an article about it Monday, and Kiossovski’s connection to a Seattle business, Saint John’s Bar and Eatery.

KING 5 contacted Saint John’s Bar and Eatery and received a voice message from an employee who said, “The tweet author was reported as a co-owner. That is not the case. She has never been part of the ownership, management, operations, or employees engaged in our business. It really has nothing to do with the bar or the restaurant.”

The business’s website currently doesn’t mention her, but an internet archive search found as recently as this past November, Lana Kiossovski was referenced as a business partner who “spearheaded the effort to locate a suitable space.”

KING 5 attempted to contact Lana Kiossovski. Her husband told us the family was not able to comment at this time. He did say he is involved with Saint John’s Bar and Eatery, but his wife is not.

For now, the business’s Facebook page has been taken down and Kiossovski’s Twitter account has been deactivated.

2 thoughts on “Seattle woman’s tweet about South Carolina hunting tragedy sparks outrage

  1. how about stop hunting and murdering innocent animals…you’re out murdering these innocent animals, and you get killed yourself…and we’re supposed to feel bad….I don’t think so….I have no sympathy for them at all…they are murderers….

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