Pennsylvania’s organized coyote hunt season gets under way as some other states ban the hunts

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

Coyote hunts

Organized hunts target coyotes across Pennsylvania in winter.


Organized coyote hunts get under way this weekend in Pennsylvania, launching a season of at least 30 hunts that will end in early March.

Pennsylvania is home to more organized hunts than any other state.

One of the first this year will be the 15th annual Endless Mountains Coon Hunters coyote hunt January 17-19. Limited to counties in northeastern Pennsylvania, the hunt will offer a top prize of $2,000 for the largest coyote weighed in.

Most of Pennsylvania’s hunts are similar to the Endless Mountains event, but the Keystone State is also home to the largest organized hunt in the U.S.

The Mosquito Creek Sportsmen’s Association statewide coyote hunt, the 29th annual…

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