Exposing the Big Game

Forget Hunters' Feeble Rationalizations and Trust Your Gut Feelings: Making Sport of Killing Is Not Healthy Human Behavior

Exposing the Big Game

LETTER: Hope Smithfield focuses on vegan meats

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Editor, Register-Mail: I hope Smithfield Foods stays closed for a while — and then focuses on vegan meats rather than animal flesh when it’s safe to reopen (“PETA demonstrators take to Monmouth Public Square,” May 13).

Filthy, crowded factory farms, meat markets, and slaughterhouses threaten the health of everyone — not just workers and meat-eaters— by providing a breeding ground for deadly diseases, such as COVID-19, swine flu, bird flu, and more. And the bloody, gruesome process of slaughtering, cutting up, and packaging the corpses of once-sentient individuals can cause those who inflict cruelty to animals to suffer from mental and physical health problems.

Fortunately, meat is not essential. There are tasty, healthy, humane, and environmentally friendly vegan options. Let’s enjoy them. See www.PETA.org for more information and a free vegan starter kit.


 — Heather Moore, PETA Foundation, Norfolk, Virginia

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