As states reopen and protests rage, the coronavirus lays the foundation for a nasty second wave of infections this fall

The Extinction Chronicles

  • As states push forward with plans to ease restrictions and as protests over the death of George Floyd engulf the nation, a slow burn of infection through the summer could lead to a massive resurgence this fall.
  • The protests now consuming the country will contribute to even greater spread of the virus, a dozen epidemiologists and public health specialists told CNBC.
  • “It’s heartbreaking on a number of levels, for sure from the infectious diseases and epidemiology levels,” said Dr. Katie Passaretti
Protesters holding a giant banner reading GEORGE FLOYD outside the Barclays Center.
Hundreds of protesters made their way toward Barclays Center in Brooklyn to demonstrate against police brutality, May 29, 2020.
Erik McGregor | Getty Images

The U.S. is heading for a nasty second wave of Covid-19 infections this fall as the coronavirus circulates while protests rage across the nation over George Floyd’s death and…

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