The Protesters Deserve the Truth About the Coronavirus

The Extinction Chronicles

Demonstrators at a protest against police brutality in Minneapolis.

For weeks before the egregious police killing of George Floyd sparked protests, public-health experts and much of the press were singularly focused on COVID-19. News coverage of the pandemic frequently cast protests against stay-at-home orders and the closures of businesses and churches as risky, if not irresponsible. “Public-health officials say the coronavirus can easily be spread by people packed together, like, say, at a protest,” NPR’s David Folkenflik told listeners in April. “Fox hosts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and others have cheered the protests—usually from the safety of their own home studios—yet have done so without explicitly noting the risks involved.”

How conspiracy theories captured the American mind

Shadowland, an immersive project from The Atlantic, explores…

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