Exposing the Big Game

Forget Hunters' Feeble Rationalizations and Trust Your Gut Feelings: Making Sport of Killing Is Not Healthy Human Behavior

Exposing the Big Game

Whether it’s hogs or hawks, game wardens stay busy

In the midst of a pandemic and all the social distancing that involves, life still goes on out in the boonies, where game wardens ply their trade among the hunters and fishers of Texas.

And since I get their press release reports, I like to pass them on, since you never know what’s going to turn up next in our great state.

One of the current occupations, designed to rid our countryside of marauders, is the hunting of feral hogs, which is not only legal, but encouraged, everywhere.

I have a friend who shoots them and burns their carcasses in a pit on his farm. But that’s sort of a waste, don’t you think? Rumor has it that those big old pigs make great pork roasts.

A game warden in Freestone County was called by a landowner who said he allowed a man to hunt hogs on his land, but the man also killed a deer, which isn’t legal except during the proper season.

The guy said he had shot it by accident. Questionable?

So, he got charged with a bunch of stuff.

In the same county, there were people hunting hogs from a helicopter. And that’s allowed, with proper credentials.

A man and wife were working cattle on their land when the helicopter began to hover and shoot feral hogs. They waved their arms and the helicopter flew away, but the warden found it and filed charges.

If the copter pilot had gotten permission, he probably could’ve bagged all the hogs he managed to shoot.

Somebody needs to get rid of them all because they’re not only tearing up pastures and woodlands but destroying people’s lawns and flower gardens.

One report that I liked said meat from hogs killed by hunters had been given to needy people. That also happens with deer killed illegally.

More: https://www.galvnews.com/opinion/guest_columns/article_91b1368d-fd2b-58da-98ae-20df518b852f.html

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