My yellow lab, Honey, is recuperating from being bit by a rattlesnake yesterday early evening (after the vets’ offices were closed around here). She was curious about it, but a little wary, so it must have only reached her with one fang. Her face swelled up and her eyes were sunken and she laid in the first patch of grass she saw when we got home (rather than running around). But she is much better (considering) and finally ate something this morning.

Because of my hearing issue (tinnitus) I couldn’t hear it rattle, but I’m pretty sure she did since she reacted to that snake much more aggressively than she does to the bull snakes we see closer to home. It was hotter than usual that day, and because we were just going to go down and splash off in the creek, she was off-leash. I called her back from what I at first thought was a harmless bull snake, forgetting we were 10 miles further into the mountains, where ‘timber-rattlers’ are more common than bull snakes. She must have been half-heeding my warning calls and half-afraid of the snakes rattling warning. Still, it grazed her and drew some blood and gave the dog the message it was not a snake to be trifled with…
I think the poor snake may have been hurt by one of the cars in the nearby campground, or by a car or 4-wheeler using the old forest service road going along the creek it was coiled 5 feet from. That could explain why Honey didn’t seem to get a full dose of venom and was already recovering within an hour of being bit. Her main symptom was lethargy and a swollen face and leg. Her face was so puffy she looked more like a bull terrier (like Spuds Mackenzie) than a yellow lab.
Anyway, she’s laying low and taking it slow today, which is probably a good plan since it’s another hot one…

Rattlesnake den photo copyright Jim Robertson

4 thoughts on “Snakebit

  1. Jim, So Sorry to hear about Honey and the Rattler. Hope she continues to get better. Hope that
    she is now going to leave them alone. Keep us posted.

    I don’t like snakes, but your pictures of the rattler den is great.

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