Dog was found with 16-inch arrow through head after getting shot with crossbow

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It never ceases to shock us the cruel things people will do to innocent animals. One poor dog was found in a shocking condition:

He was shot by a crossbow, and still had the arrow lodged in his head.

The 16-inch arrow went all the way through the top of the dog’s head, but miraculously he survived.

Officers from Nassau County Animal Services picked the four-year-old dog up and rushed him to a veterinary hospital for emergency surgery.

Amazingly, they were able to remove the arrow, and the dog doesn’t appear to have any serious damage.

The officers dubbed the dog “Unicorn.”

With Unicorn safe and recovering, the big question was who shot the poor dog with an arrow.

But it didn’t take long for the officers to find the culprit: Carey Wilson, a 37-year-old Nassau County resident, was arrested for felony animal cruelty.

She admitted to the crime, but defended her actions by saying she was not trying to hurt or kill the dog but “scare it off” after finding him “peeing on her car tire.”

“The dog doesn’t want to leave, so I grabbed a crossbow, my intentions were not to kill the dog, but to try to get the message across, ‘Get out the yard,” Wilson told Action News Jax. But the network also notes that the police report calls her a liar.

Meanwhile, Unicorn’s original owner, Nick Sweat, had to surrender the dog to animal control because he couldn’t afford the medical bills: “We enjoyed the dog. He’s a good dog, he’s a family dog, wouldn’t hurt anybody,” he said.

But luckily, Unicorn is now doing great.

5 thoughts on “Dog was found with 16-inch arrow through head after getting shot with crossbow

  1. It really seems unfair that the owners are deprived of a pet simply because they could not afford vet bills. Where is the restorative justice in this case? the culprit, Carey Wilson should be held liable for the costs!

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