Rare white grizzly bear captured on camera in B.C. park

ByAmy Judd Global NewsPosted July 21, 2020 7:51 pm Updated July 21, 2020 8:01 pmNews: Rare white grizzly bear spotted in B.C.’s Yoho National Parkclose videohttps://globalnews.ca/video/embed/7203132/#autoplay&stickyiframe=miniplayer_7203132_5f1c762cbfa5b&muteMore video has surfaced of a rare white grizzly bear that’s been spotted in B.C’s Yoho National Park.

A rare white grizzly bear has been sighted by the side of the road in a B.C. park.

Oly Talens was driving through Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies on their way to Takakkaw Falls when a flash of white through the trees forced them to pull over and pull out a video camera.

Turns out, the animal, named Nakoda by locals, has been seen before in Yoho and Banff national parks, but not very often.

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Parks Canada has previously said the bear is not albino, but actually a natural colour phase variation that makes it white.

The animal, believed to be about three and a half years old, can be seen in the video with its brown sibling.STORY CONTINUES BELOW ADVERTISEMENThttps://cf4ca2a280f1728229d4553c11701b81.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

“They said seeing a grizzly up close in the wild is lucky, but two at the same time — and the (second) one is a rare white bear — is like winning a lotto ticket,” Talens said.

Parks Canada had to put out a statement following other sightings of the unusual bear, reminding the public to consider not stopping if they see wildlife as they travel through the parks, or, if safe to stop, to always stay in their vehicles and give the animal space.

“Bears and other wildlife that become comfortable around people and roadsides are at greater risk of being struck by a vehicle,” the agency said.0:38Rare white ‘spirit’ bear spotted with cub in B.C.Rare white ‘spirit’ bear spotted with cub in B.C.

2 thoughts on “Rare white grizzly bear captured on camera in B.C. park

  1. Argh! If you’re lucky enough to get a photo of a white bear, don’t PUBLICIZE the fact, or at least DON’T REVEAL THE LOCATION!

    • …or any rare animal. They’re already having problems with people in the Canadian park that photo was taken. I’ve never reported the location of rare animals I’ve seen over the years (for the animals’ sake)….

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