Canadians want to see a ban on wildlife markets and an end to the commercial wildlife trade

23 hours ago

To date, more than 425,000 people globally have signed petitions to G20
government leaders, urging them to curb the global wildlife trade. In
Canada, 29,000 concerned residents have signed our petition and according to
our latest polling data, Canadians want to see our government act on this

In July 2020, World Animal Protection commissioned Northstar Research
Partners to conduct an online survey among a nationally representative
sample of Canadian residents to understand the perspective we have on the
wildlife trade.

The results are clear: Canadians care greatly about wild animals and their

* 75% want the Federal government to support a permanent ban on wildlife

* 70% support a ban on the commercial trade in wild animals, with 1 out
of 5 Canadians being in support of better regulations and measures to
control the trade.

* A majority does not support the use of wildlife for trophy hunting,
fur, exotic pets, traditional medicine and entertainment.

* Nearly all Canadians agree that the wildlife trade is cruel and can
cause suffering (93%), threatens biodiversity (89%), and public health

See the full poll from NorthStar here.

We can no longer afford to ignore the fact that the current pandemic and
previous major epidemics around the world are fundamentally linked to our
poor treatment and exploitation of wild animals and our encroachment on
their habitats. Millions of wild animals are captured, bred and traded every
year for a variety of purposes including food, traditional medicine and as
exotic pets. Animal suffering occurs and zoonotic infections can spread at
every stage of the trade.

The Federal government can take the following steps to answer the call of a
growing coalition of Canadian and international animal protection
organizations, academics, conservationists, zoonotic disease experts, and
concerned Canadians by:

* Urging other G20 countries to support the immediate and permanent
closure of wild animal markets.

* Committing at the G20 to end the international trade in wild animals
and wild animal products that could contribute to the spread of zoonotic

Working with provinces and territories to mitigate risks to public health,
animal welfare and our natural environment inherent to the keeping, use and
trade of wild animals and to harmonize and strengthen regulations and
enforcement to drastically reduce captive breeding, transport and the
physical and online trade in wild animals.

Sign the petition to join our campaign

Join us and thousands of other Canadians in calling on the Canadian
government to support and champion a global ban on the wildlife trade. Sign

Ban the wildlife trade


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