Nature Photographer Rescues Man From Beaver Trap

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Ritchie came to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve to find this beaver trap around a stranger’s foot (photo credit: Greg Ritchie).

A man intending on taking his dog for a walk in the Tall Grass Prairies Monday afternoon while he snapped some photos of flowers and bugs ended up rescuing a hiker from a beaver trap instead.

“I got to the preserve and there was a guy sitting on the ground behind a car trying to flag me down,” recalls Greg Ritchie. “At first, I thought he was just waving at me.”

2020 08 beaver trap2The Tall Grass Prairie Preserve is located near Gardenton in the RM of Stuartburn (photo credit: Greg Ritchie).Ritchie approached the man and quickly realized the friendly wave was actually a plea for help: the man had a “conibear” beaver trap stuck around his foot. “It turns out he had…

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