As black bears prepare to hibernate, trophy hunters go on a killing spree

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November 18, 2020 0 Comments

As black bears prepare to hibernate, trophy hunters go on a killing spree

Trophy hunters target bears who are weak and unable to fully protect themselves. Often their victims are mother bears with cubs born during hibernation.Photo by Frank Leung/iStockphoto156SHARES

As black bears work extra hard to pack on the pounds and prepare for the barren winter months ahead, trophy hunters are rampaging through their habitats, slaughtering these iconic animals so they can hang their heads on walls. Some states are even allowing these hunters to use dastardly practices like bear baiting–leaving piles of rotting donuts and pastries to attract bears and shoot them—and hound hunting—the practice of having GPS-collared hounds chase down the animals.

Trophy hunting of bears is now in full swing in most states, including in New Jersey, where 336 bears have beenslaughteredsince the state opened its season…

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