De-evolution of the Thanksgiving turkey

Because of crowded conditions on factory farms (where most Thanksgiving turkeys are raised), beautiful birds who started out as a species looking like this …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 125202493_10157639512601188_1129398445369613081_n.jpg

when kept in dark, stinking windowless barns (with maybe a small access door to the muddy, lifeless yard, so the farmer can claim they’re “free-range”) turn out looking like this…

Perhaps it’s time to swear off flesh foods and give the turkeys something to be thankful for. Someday you’ll give thanks you did.

Photos©Jim Robertson

Here’s the kind of life birds like the ones above are expected to lead on factory farms…

Thanksgiving turkeys endure extreme suffering

3 thoughts on “De-evolution of the Thanksgiving turkey

  1. Something wrong w/ last pic… of that GMO factory-farmed turkey standing on dirt & grass?
    Unless it’ s a rescue photographed @ a sanctuary.

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