Hunter misses deer, accidentally shoots through nearby house in Fond du Lac County

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Sharon RoznikFond du Lac ReporterAD-1:0-1

SPRINGVALE – Officials are investigating how a bullet hit a house, traveled through the sidinginto the wall, and came out of the drywall into aresidence in western Fond du Lac County.

The homeowner, who lives along Pommering Road in the town of Springvale,called 911 about 8:20 a.m. indicating a bullet had struck the house, said Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Lt. Chris Dobyns.

The caller saida group was hunting on borderingstateland when a gunshot was heard, and then a noise of something hitting the house.

The caller inspected closer and found drywall debris inthe residence and evidence the bullet had passed through theinterior wall.

One of the hunters stated that he had discharged his firearm at a deer in the direction of the residence on the bordering property.He said he had missed the deer, but did not think, due to the distance…

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