Don Jr complains about ‘being cancelled’ and says he’s losing thousands of supporters every day

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politics 0%Donald Jr complains about losing thousands of supporters every day

‘They must be plotting something really big if they haven’t been cancelling me all day,’ president’s eldest son jokes

James Crump@thejamescrump7 hours ago20comments

Donald Trump Jrhas complained about being “cancelled” a “couple of times a day” and claimed that he is losing thousands of social media followers.

Speaking at the right-wing pro-Trump student organisationTurning Point USA’s conference inFloridaon Saturday, Mr Trump Jr, 42, gave a rambling nearly 30-minute speech, speaking about 3 November’s election and “liberal privilege”.

During his speech, Mr Trump Jr made numerous false claims about November’selection resultsand President-electJoe Biden’s cognitive capabilities, ironically saying: “the guy can’t conform a complete sentence.”

President Donald Trump’s eldest son has made several false claims about Mr Biden and 2020’s national election over the past few…

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