Lapland police wrap up fatal hunting accident probe

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4.1.2021 16:34|updated 4.1.2021 16:35

A 30-year-old mountain biker died after being hit by a bird hunter’s gunshot in October.

Urho Kekkosen kansallispuisto luminen maisema.
Urho Kekkonen National Park, file photo.Image: Maiju Saijets / Yle

Police in Finnish Lapland have closed a preliminary investigation into the accidental fatal shooting of a mountain biker at the Urho Kekkonen National Parkin October.

Police said the hunter was hunting for birds and did not see the biker as the rifle was discharged, due to snow on the trees obscuring the hunter’s view.

A single bullet struck the cyclist in the upper body, fatally injuring him, according to the Lapland police department’s investigation directorMarko Ijäs.

“The hunter did not see the cyclist. If that had been the case, this would not have happened,” Ijäs said.

“The hunter said he did not intend to shoot a person and is very sorry about what happened,” he explained.

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