Petition: Justice For Kitten Killed by Hunters

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1 day ago

Petition: Justice For Kitten Killed by Hunters

By Shelby Hettler

orange kitten

Lead Image Source :OlenaPalaguta/Shutterstock

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Fox hunting is an incredibly cruel sport that involves people on horseback using a pack of hunting dogs to chase foxes. Once the fox is caught, the dogs rip the poor foxes to shreds. Despite fox hunting beingillegalin England, it still happens quite often due toweak enforcement of the lawand themanipulationof certainexceptions. For example, hunters are allowed to “simulate” hunts using an artificial scent and only with two dogs. This “trail hunting” is not supposed to involve the murder of any animals, however, many hunters will say that they were legally trail hunting when their dogs“accidentally” picked up a…

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