Hunters Prefer an Imbalance of Nature

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

In a [geologically] recent discussion on wildlife issues with some longtime friends, I felt a little out of place to learn they were all against the reintroduction of wolves to places like Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. No, they weren’t a group of hunters selfishly seeking authority over nonhuman life; these good folks were understandably upset because the wolves are being killed in horrible ways, ever since their removal from the federal endangered species list left them at the mercy of state game department policy makers. While I share their outrage and the urge to end the suffering of wolves, I have to argue that at least the ones “that got away” will go on to fill a gap in biodiversity.

The point of recovering endangered species should be to bring back and/or protect enoughdiversity to allow nature to function apart from human intervention. The presence of predators like wolvescan help torestore a sense of natural order and nullify the claims by…

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