The mystery of Siberia’s exploding craters

The Extinction Chronicles

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Researchers from the Russian Academcy of Sciences discovered a new crater in Yamal during an expedition in August 2020 (Credit: Evgeny Chuvilin)

By Richard Gray30th November 2020On a remote peninsular in the Arctic circle, enormous wounds are appearing in the permafrost – as something that is worrying scientists bursts out from underground.I

It appeared suddenly and explosively, leaving a ragged pockmark on the landscape.

Around the crater’s edge, the earth is a torn, grey jumble of ice and clods of permafrost. The roots of plants – newly exposed around the rim – show signs of scorching. It gives some idea of just how violently this hole in the middle of the Siberian Arctic materialised.

From the air, the freshly exposed dirt stands out against the green tundra and dark lakes around it. The layers of earth and rock exposed further inside the cylindrical hole are almost black and a pool of water is already forming at…

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