Flock of flamingos finally taste freedom after four months in bird flu ‘lockdown’

  • Watch the moment the flamingos are released.

A flock of flamingos at a zoo in Cumbria have had their first taste of freedom after being kept inside for four months.

The 37 ‘Greater Flamingos’ at the Lake District Wildlife Park near Bassenthwaite were released after being cooped up since November, because of the threat of bird flu.

Since December last year, poultry keepers have been asked to keep their birds indoors to protect them against the virus, after a cases emerged across the UK.

The flamingos were allowed out of their indoor enclosure on Thursday morning, with one excited bird paving the way for others to join him in the park’s pond for the first bath in months.

Head keeper Richard Robinson said: “It’s fantastic. As part of my job I have the daily care of the flamingos.

“Having them shut in since mid-November, it was time they came out so thankfully, with the easing of the restrictions for the avian influenza, we were able to let them out today and it’s fantastic seeing them enjoy a bit of blue sky.”

The park is now gearing up to re-open to visitors later this month.

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