Carbon dioxide in atmosphere has spiked to record-setting new level

The Extinction Chronicles

Observatory data confirms a returned trend of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.ByAlexandra Kelley | April 6, 2021 of 00:55Volume 20%Next Up

Story at a glance

  • As travel returns worldwide, carbon dioxide levels are increasing.
  • Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are key contributors to climate change.

One of the U.S.’s premier observatories for measuring carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere reported a record-breaking figure on April 3, noting a total of 421.21 particulate matter (ppm) of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere — the highest daily average ever recorded.

Based on data collected at theMauna Loa laboratoryin Hawaii, the peak comes after relatively low readings throughout March and early April, aside from a single uptick recorded between March 19 to 21.

Notably, however, when observing annual trends, this record-breaking volume represents a return to pre-pandemic levels.

Carbon dioxide emissions have gradually increased since hitting…

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