This Facebook Group Takes Seitan Worship To The Next Level

Exposing the Big Game

Love the wheat-based meat alternative? Meet The Seitan Appreciation Society.ByJulia Tausch04/09/2021 05:45am EDT

In 2018, I joinedThe Seitan Appreciation Society, the greatest Facebook group on earth.Seitanpronounced “say-TAN,”not “satan” ― is an often misunderstood meat substitute, not to be confused with the devil. It also shouldn’t be confused with other meat substitutes like tofu and tempeh, in that seitan isn’t made from soy, but rather wheat.

Since joining the group, I’ve spent most Sundays whipping up scrumptious fake meat based on the group’s latest insights and ideas. I’ve upped my vegan cooking game tenfold, thanks to the group, but my obsession has always felt a bit niche and weird. When I tell my friends about The Society, I know I’m giving them “One time? At band camp?”vibes.

So, imagine how my heart leaped to discover that Gen Z has been…

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