Gov. Signs Two Trapping Bills Targeting Wolves

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ByNICK MOTTAPR 13, 2021ShareTweetEmail


ListenListening…3:33Gov. Signs Two Trapping Bills Targeting Wolves

Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed two bills into law designed to reduce the wolf population in Montana. The new laws extend the wolf trapping season by four weeks and allow wolf trappers to use neck snares.

Republican representative Paul Fielder of Thompson Falls, sponsor ofHouse Bills 224and225, cited declining elk harvests in Northwest Montana as a sign that wolf populations are out of control.

“It seems like wildlife managers need another tool to manage wolf populations,” he said.

Thelatest population datashow just over 1,100 wolves in Montana, concentrated almost entirely in the western half of the state. Fielder said that’s more than four times the minimum for a recovered population set by wildlife managers

After more than 30 years…

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