Three fatalities during the 2020-21 hunting season

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

John PitarresiSpecial to the Observer-DispatchView Comments1:011:00

There was a big increase in New York’s hunting population last season, with 67,270 new hunters certified.

That number is close to three times the usual total. As a result, hunting license sales increased by 11 percent over 2019, bow hunting privilege sales increased by 14 percent, muzzle loading privileges by 16 percent, and junior hunters increased by 26 percent. That added up to more than 600,000 hunters, which maybe is why it isn’t surprising that hunting-related incidents (injuries and worse) were up a bit, as well.

There were 22 incidents last season after a record low of 12 in 2019. There were three fatalities, up from one the year before. And there was another fatality involving a tree stand.

Most of the incidents involved veteran hunters, although there were several in which young hunters were injured. In a couple of…

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