Letter: Nothing “sporting’ about it

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog


Tue., June 1, 2021

  • Your article that glorified the hunting of a bear in Alaska (“Graphic reminder of nature’s power,” May 23) is a reminder of how little man has stepped forward as we step out of the humanitarian crisis from the past year.

The picture of a hunter, from the perfect smile to the latest camo and weapon, as a beautiful bear lies dying in the snow, only to be “pelted and packed out” a few hours later, is abhorrent. The smug pride on the hunter’s face contrasted with the lifeless eyes of the bear is emblematic of the little chance human hunters give their prey.

Furthermore, it is is the hunter’s own words that should give pause to such an act, when faced with the will of the bear to live, to give defense in the only way it knows how … the hunter’s words: ” We…

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