Victory for Wildlife in Maryland!

From Project Coyote:

Maryland has become the eighth state to ban Wildlife Killing Contests, joining Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Vermont, and Washington. Last Friday, Governor Larry Hogan allowed HB 293/SB 200—which passed the state legislature in April—to become law.Thanks to all of our Maryland supporters who took action on this bill and to our coalition partners who collaborated in enabling this momentous achievement for wildlife.

3 thoughts on “Victory for Wildlife in Maryland!

  1. I just received Born Free newsletter article entitled “Not A Single State Gets Full Marks on Trapping.” New Mexico’s “Trapping Ban” is an example, as it still allows infamous “Wildlife Services” to do whatever they want (to appease the Livestock Industry), along with several other holes in the bill. Coyotes, prairie dogs, and others still will not be protected from this horrible device.
    When groups sing praise for the “victory” –we should recognize those innocent beings who will continue to languish out there for hours, days, until they finally succumb–or are otherwise “dispatch” by a Sociopath trapper, rancher or game dept. employee.
    This is not a victory until ALL wild animals are protected, under all circumstance–and All Traps are confiscated and outlawed.
    Any of us who are in touch with wildlife groups, need to tell them this. The war against wildlife is not over until the torture is over.

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