Decline In Deer And Wild Horses Kindling Catastrophic Wildfires

Large herbivores, such as deer and wild horses have over evolutionary time evolved to control and maintain the grass and brush that is ubiquitous across the landscape. The now prodigious grass and brush that has resulted from a significant decline in our native herbivores is fueling and kindling catastrophic wildfires, makes them abnormally hot, resulting in the incineration of everything in their path.

And as these devastating wildfires burn for weeks and months at a time, the air quality in many areas reaches a ‘hazardous’ level due to extreme particulate concentrations combined with gaseous toxins that are deadly.

During this 2020 wildfire season, the air quality in many areas of California and Oregon (and elsewhere in America) reached levels where people are made seriously ill, while others who are exposed to this deadly air are then preconditioned and made more susceptible to a myriad of health issues down the road, and that is especially true for our children.

As a result of the ongoing mismanagement of large herbivores, this letter was penned to the Bureau of Land Management managers in the Medford, Oregon District offices by William E. Simpson II, a naturalist-researcher who studies the effects of herbivores (specifically wild horses) on wilderness landscape and wildfire.

TO: Elizabeth Burghard – BLM District Manager Medford, OR

Lauren P. Brown –

Manager – Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

CC: Et. Al.

RE: Who Should Americans Blame For Incinerating Flames And Deadly Smoke From Wildfire?

Dear Ms. Burghard and Ms. Brown:

Enjoying our “hazardous air”? It stems from obtuse management policies that fail to observe the reality of science instead of politics, egos and money.

At a time when we need all the fuels (grass and brush) reduction and maintenance we can muster, here we discover that the Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) is removing large herbivores (nature’s grass and brush mowers) from our landscape locally and nationally, which is already deficient in large herbivores according to the best science.×280&!6&btvi=2&fsb=1&xpc=Czy9KwzYsb&p=https%3A//

The following statement is relevant in regard to the removal of wild horses from the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument and areas surrounding the Monument, like the Soda Mountain Wilderness Area and the Pokegama Herd Management Area, where the BLM is idiotically rounding up wild horses (aka: large herbivores) this coming week.

Jozef Keulartz:

“The removal of large herbivores has adverse effects on landscape structure and ecosystem functioning. In wetter ecosystems, the loss of large herbivores is associated with an increased abundance of woody plants and the development of a closed-canopy vegetation. In drier ecosystems, reductions of large grazers can lead to a high grass biomass, and thus, to an increase in the frequency and intensity of wildfires. Together, with the loss of a prey base for large carnivores, these changes in vegetation structures and fire regimes may trigger cascades of extinctions (Bakker et al., 2016; Estes et al., 2011; Hopcraft, Olff, & Sinclair, 2009; Malhi et al., 2016).”

Additionally, you should be taking more of a leadership role in controlling your subordinate, Mr. Joel Brumm of your Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) office and his obtuse rantings (in public) that are both scientifically and legally incorrect, when he says: “wild horses are trespass animals in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument (‘Monument’)”. Mr. Brumm’s blathering in this regard is just nonsense in the face of real science and arguably incorrect in the face of the law.×280&!7&btvi=3&fsb=1&xpc=7dn3FoUAnG&p=https%3A//

We all need to keep in mind that ‘administrative policy’ does not supersede established law or Acts of Congress, which represent the will of the American people as a whole, as opposed to the whims of some administrative fiefdom and it’s ruler (dictatorship), as has been the case at the BLM.

The corruption and malfeasance at the BLM now seems to arguably top any other government agency… here are just three of many examples, one concerns a BLM employee from the Medford District Office:

1) Former BLM Official (Medford, OR) Pleads Guilty to Public Corruption Charges Sophisticated Contract Manipulation Scheme Defrauds BLM of Over $400,000

2) Inspector General Report Confirms Mass Slaughter of Wild Horses During Reign of Then-Interior Secretary Ken Salazar:

3) The BLM make a material misrepresentation to the Congress of the Unites States of America in their 2018 Report To Congress ‘Management Options For A Sustainable Wild Horse And Burro Program’, where on page-1, paragraph 5 of the Executive Summary they wrote: “Wild horses and burro have no natural predators...”. That statement is false in the face of wildlife ecology and evolution. Mountain lions, bears, wolves, and coyotes kill and eat the foals and adults as their natural prey.

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