Fur farming will finally be banned in Ireland in 2022

Irish Council Against Blood SportsMullingar, Ireland

JUN 24, 2021 — 

Fur farming will finally be banned in Ireland in 2022, it has been confirmed.

On 22 June 2021, the government approved the ban, with Fianna Fáil tweeting: “Ban on fur farming in Ireland. A key commitment in the Programme for Government, the ban will come into effect next year.”

Earlier in the day, the Irish Independent reported that Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue sought “approval from his ministerial colleagues to implement a prohibition on fur farming in Ireland within a short timeframe.”

The owners of the three remaining fur farms in Counties Laois, Kerry and Donegal are set to receive compensation for closing down and demolishing the hellholes where an estimated 120,000 mink are cruelly caged every year and gassed to death at six months of age.

Speaking outside Government Buildings, Minister McConalogue said that fur farming “really has become outdated”.

“It’s no longer appropriate to our time,” he stated. “It is something that societal views have changed towards and indeed it is something that the government’s views have very much changed as well.”

Of course, fur farming has never been appropriate to any time. It shamefully involves confining animals to cages where they can be seen repeatedly pacing back and forth and jumping against the bars, cruelly denying them their ability to express natural behaviours and pulling them out squealing and thrown into a gassing box where they spend their last moments desperately trying not to inhale poisonous Carbon Monoxide.

Mink are semi-aquatic and highly evolved physiologically to hold their breath. They are able to detect a lack of oxygen in their blood and are prone to hypoxia, which means they can suffer particularly during gassing.

The upcoming fur farming ban follows long-running campaigns by several groups (including an ICABS campaign over more than 20 years), protests, petitions, political lobbying, a statement from Veterinary Ireland backing a ban and a RED C opinion poll which showed that an 80 per cent majority in Ireland want fur farming banned.

Among those calling for a ban were over 400 from the worlds of film, television, theatre, radio, sport, literature and music. The list of high profile personalities, compiled by Irish actor Rachel Pilkington, includes Oscar-nominated actors Saoirse Ronan, Ruth Negga and Stephen Rea, Oscar-nominated directors Lenny Abrahamson and Jim Sheridan, Emmy award-winning director Emer Reynolds, Olympic medallist Sonia O’Sullivan, former international rugby player Alan Quinlan, musicians Sharon Shannon, Damien Dempsey, Mundy, Don Mescall, Mary Coughlan, Josh Gray and Brian Kennedy, author Cathy Kelly, comedians Deirdre O’Kane and PJ Gallagher and many more.

This week’s development comes two years after the then government pledged to ban the practice.

In June 2019, prior to the current government coalition, former Agriculture Minister Michael Creed (Fine Gael) agreed that “the farming of mink is counter to good animal welfare” and that “it is considered timely to commence the phasing out of the industry in Ireland.”

“The government will now proceed to bring forward a Bill which will be drafted in conjunction with the Attorney General’s Office,” he stated. “The Government Bill will provide for a phased basis for the ban for existing operators. The Government Bill will make it illegal for any new fur farms to be established. Phase out arrangements will be put in place for the small number of current operators to allow for an orderly wind down of the sector and to allow time for employees to find alternative opportunities.”

Fianna Fáil had previously “agreed to back the proposal to introduce a ban on the farming of mink for the production of fur in Ireland”.

This came after the introduction to the Dail of the “Prohibition of Fur Farming Bill 2018” by Solidarity/People Before Profit TDs Paul Murphy, Mick Barry and Ruth Coppinger and majority political support for a ban. Along with Fianna Fáil, other parties which gave their backing to a ban were Sinn Féin, Labour, Independents 4 Change, the Green Party, the Social Democrats and Aontú.

A big thank you and well done to all who campaigned for a ban.


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4 thoughts on “Fur farming will finally be banned in Ireland in 2022

  1. “Phase out arrangements will be put in place….to allow time for employees to find alternative opportunities.” Not one word on what kind of coddled, alternative transitioning will be afforded the 120,000 caged animals or their final fate. Reminiscent of a recent article on the always ‘unknown fate’ of thousands upon thousands of wild animals so-called ‘rescued,’ (some already half dead) from the endless wildlife trade in places like Thailand, etc..

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