Alligator permits drawn; private-land hunting available

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

July 21, 2021

Randy ZellersAssistant Chief of Communications

LITTLE ROCK — Thirty-three hunters drew permits to pursue alligators on public land during the 2021 season, but many opportunities remain for those who didn’t draw for public hunts.

Hunters who have access to private land in the alligator zones of south Arkansas can hunt through a quota-based system similar to bear hunting and private land elk hunting.

The season dates are Sept. 17-20 and Sept. 24-27. The application period was June 15-30.

Mark Barbee, wildlife biologist at the AGFC’s Monticello office who coordinates the hunts, says last year was the first using a quota system for private-land alligator hunting, and the transition proved beneficial for hunters.

“Anyone can obtain the private land alligator permit through the AGFC’s online licensing system for $5 in addition to their hunting license,” Barbee said. “They will be able to participate in the alligator…

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