Ontario County joins other counties in lowering the age for deer hunting to 12

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JULY 22, 2021@11:42 AM| UPDATED: 1:13 PM

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Ontario County will follow suit with many other local counties in lowering the age for deer hunting this season.

The Board of Supervisors lowered the age from 14 to 12.

Before counties made the decision to lower the age, New York only allowed 12 and 13-year-olds to hunt with a bow and arrow. It was the only state with those rules.

In order to participate, the kids under the age of 14 must be supervised by a licensed hunter 21 or older who has minimally three years of hunting experience, they must remain on the ground and not in tree stands, and they may shoot deer but not…

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3 thoughts on “Ontario County joins other counties in lowering the age for deer hunting to 12

  1. ..oh dear gawd..
    murder for little kids..
    ..teach hatred..
    teach murder..
    ..because daddy has a teenie “dik”..
    and (no rhyme intended) I’m gonna’ be SICK!

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