Last call for planet Earth

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Today I was motivated to write a short blog on passing a roadside advert that has stood for many years, directing shoppers to a butcher in a nearby village. Bragging about ‘100% Scottish beef’ and ‘award winning pies and sausages, it’s a true life counterpoint to the many ridiculous accusations levelled at vegans for ‘shoving your ideas down other people throats’, accusations by those who shove other individuals down their throats and don’t like it being pointed out that their brutalised victims were not in any way willing. 

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to hear that blogging and writing about animal rights is not a cheerful occupation. For me, it requires objectivity, honesty, and continuous self-evaluation, seeking the most effective way to get the message across that there is nothing special about our species that entitles us to lay waste to our fellow creatures and the living world…

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1 thought on “Last call for planet Earth

  1. ,,well as a vegan/cruelty-free/adoptdontshop/loves non-human animals more than humans/person..
    I read this knowing what I’d find..
    ..and *tears* notwithstanding..
    still glad I don’t feel alone..
    ..heartfelt condolences to the author re: the death of her son..

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