How Training for a Hunting Trip Gave Me a Bigger Ass

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

Or: How focusing on something other than “getting hotter” made me realize exercise works.

ByClaire LowerToday 9:00AM

Photo:Claire Lower

When I started thisarchery-focused strength training program, I had one goal: Increase my draw strength to at least 40 pounds so I could kill an elk if I happened to see one while hunting in Eastern Oregon with my dad. As I’ve mentioned previously, focusing on “losing weight” has never worked for me, nor has working out with the vague goal of “getting hotter.” Not only is “hotter” extremely relative and ever-shifting, it’s hard to track.

It’s absurd that bodies—most commonly women’s bodies—are subject to trends, but even in this supposedly more “body positive” age, certain types of bodies are still seen as more positive than others. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ass is in. I have always had more T than A, and…

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