Crow hunting season in Indiana: What you need to know

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Alexi Eastes

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While most Hoosiers are familiar with Indiana’s white-tailed deer season Indiana’scrow season often flies under the radar.

Most states, except Hawaii, have their own crow hunting seasons.Indiana’s takes place from July 1 to Aug.15 and then resumes again in Decemberand ends inMarch.

Unlike other hunted animals in Indiana, you don’t need a permit to bag crows, even though they have a dedicated season.

Crows are known for being a nuisanceto farmers. According the the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, flocks of crows destroy, eat and damage crops.Due to the amount of droppings large flocks of crows produce, they can even cause public health hazards.However, crow season does not align with harvest season in Indiana, so why is there a specific crow hunting seasonat all?

Fun fact, Crow meat was also considered a delicacy in the late 1800s.

Lee Humberg with theUnited States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Servicesspeculates it may…

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