Putin delivered his ‘most unhinged speech yet’ — but he’s ‘likely more terrified than anyone’: foreign policy expert

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By Matthew Chapman

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On Friday,writingforThe Atlantic, foreign policy commentator and former Naval War College professor Tom Nichols laid into Vladimir Putin for his “most unhinged speech yet,” in which he declared eastern portions of Ukraine his after asham referendumin which Ukrainians were forced to “vote” to join Russia at gunpoint.

“Putin’s rant was meant to make the world quail in fear,” wrote Nichols. “In reality, Putin is likely more terrified than anyone right now: He’s a Russian dictator losing a war of aggression, and he knows how that could end for him. In his speech, he justified the war in Ukraine using everything from the boundaries of ancient Russia to what he sees as the illegitimate dissolution of the Soviet Union. With sheer brass, he then complained about Western…

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