Family Dog Shot, Accidentally Killed By Hunters Who Thought It Was A Coyote

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

Written by TMZ

A family’s dog tragically lost its life while out in the woods with its owner … because we’re told a hunter accidentally mistook it for a coyote and shot it.

Jennifer Heller, owner of 8-year-old malamute Hunter, shared the loss of her pup on Facebook … saying her husband Chris put reflective collars and harnesses on their dogs and took them to a “very commonly used walking path by our house” in Berks County, PA.

While there, she says Chris unleashed Hunter but kept him close — eventually coming across a group of hunters. After finding out there was an extension on hunting season, she says Chris went to go leash up their dog … but claims it was shot before he could get to him.

Jennifer says her husband yelled for help and they loaded Hunter in a truck and drove like crazy to get…

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