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Jim Robertson

Washington Bills Undermine Advancements for Wildlife

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Two new bills seek to underhandedly undermine voter-approved advancements for wildlife that set Washington apart from its anti-wildlife neighbors. Both the hound hunting of cougars and the baiting of black bears were banned by the citizenry of  in Washington, but could once again threaten wildlife if these bills are passed. Please take action on these two Human Alerts:


Washington: Protect Cougars from Trophy Hunters

A terrible bill has been introduced that will allow for the expanded hound hunting of cougars. This cruel and unsporting practice was rightfully outlawed by voters in 1996.

Under this proposal, counties can authorize a hound hunt based on public safety complaints of cougar sightings. The existing law already allows for citizens to protect themselves if they feel threatened by a cougar. Despite the fact that seeing a cougar does not constitute a threat and cougar kittens are extremely vulnerable to attacks by packs of dogs, proponents of the bill want to bring back the trophy hunting of cougars with hounds. This program was in place from 2004 until 2011, and resulted in widespread, guided recreational hound hunts offered by hunting clubs throughout eastern Washington.

Please call your state senator today to stop this dangerous proposal. Look up your legislator’s phone number. You can say: “I am a constituent, and I am calling to ask you to please oppose SB 5940.”

After making your call (please do not skip that crucial step!), fill in and submit the form below to send a follow-up message. Legislators receive a lot of email; be sure to edit your message so it stands out.

And:  https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6777&autologin=true&s_src=sh_aa6777

Washington: Protect Bears from Cruel and Unsporting Baiting

Washington’s bears need your help from being shot over bait stations packed with greasy, sugary junk foods. Bear baiting is cruel and unsporting, and Washingtonians rightfully outlawed it in 1996.

A bill has been introduced that would allow any land owner or tenant to place a bait station on their property. Baiting stations, full of high-calorie junk food, lure bears in for an easy kill. While the bill sponsor wants landowners to kill bears who have caused damage to timber plantations and livestock, the truth is baiting attracts all bears. The result will be killing random bears, orphaning new born cubs, and unnecessarily putting people in dangerous proximity to human-food habituated bears.

After hibernation, bears are in a state of starvation because they have not fed for many months. Sadly, mother bears, who wake up with newborn cubs, are drawn to bait stations because they must urgently obtain thousands of calories for the whole family’s survival.

Mother bears may strip bark from trees to obtain sugary sap. While girdling trees has some negative economic consequences for the owners of industrial timber lands, the harm is small and can be mitigated. Likewise, livestock growers can employ many non-lethal solutions to prevent the minuscule threat of predation by bears on their domestic animals

Landowners who bait bears will create unwanted human-bear conflicts. That is because baits are covered in human scents, and bears will learn to associate baits with humans. When that happens, the neighbors of bear baiters may be exposed to human-habituated bears, and they can be dangerous. There is a reason why voters prohibited bear baiting almost 20 years ago.

Please call your state representatives’ offices today, and urge opposition for SHB 1838.. Look up your legislators’ phone numbers. You can say: “I am a constituent, and I am calling to ask you to please oppose SHB 1838.”

After making your call (please do not skip that crucial step!), fill in and submit the form below to send a follow-up message. Legislators receive a lot of email; be sure to edit your message so it stands out.

See sample letters here: https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6771&autologin=true&s_src=sh_aa6771

and here: https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6777&autologin=true&s_src=sh_aa6777


Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: A new role model — the gentle man who loves wildlife as family

Exposing the Big Game:

Please contact your U.S. senators and ask them to oppose the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2015, which seeks to open federal lands to killing, creating shooting ranges and more.

Originally posted on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife:


Human aggression “threatens to destroy us all.” — Stephen Hawking 

During a tour of London’s Science Museum, professor Stephen Hawking said, “The human failing I would most like to correct is aggression. It may have had survival advantage in caveman days, to get more food, territory or partner with whom to reproduce, but now it threatens to destroy us all.”

He elaborated, “The quality I would most like to magnify is empathy. It brings us together in a peaceful, loving state.”

The suffering caused and reaped by those who inflict violence is obvious in the suicides of men returning from war. It spills over into alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, and perpetual violence to innocent wild beings.

It seems obvious that none will kill their way to a sense of fulfillment or happiness.

As the power and resources of the state Department of Natural Resources are focused on expanding killing…

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Killing Echo/Killing Wolves: – “Mistaken Identity and Other Excuses: Part Two

Originally posted on Howling For Justice:

Echo Arizona Game and Fish


March 4, 2015

Wolves are one of the most social animals on earth, they’re right up there with us, the Great Apes, dolphins, lions, elephants, etc. Their lives are about family. Wolves may disperse from their natal packs between 1-3 years of age but it’s an individual choice. When they do decide to leave they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to find a mate and claim new territory. And that’s when the trouble begins for them.

There’s a reason wolves have been unable to reclaim lost habitat in most of their former range, they’re killed before they have a chance. The Pacific Northwest, Northern Rockies, Great Lakes and Southwest, where critically endangered Mexican gray wolves  struggle to increase their numbers, are the only areas of the country where gray wolves are successfully breeding and raising pups. BUT in 2009, when wolves in the Northern Rockies were delisted by the Obama administration…

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Could Fewer Wolf Kills Mean Fewer Wolves?

Trappers in Montana have killed 77 gray wolves and hunters have shot 127 so far this winter — a total of 204 animals — as the season for the animals nears its end.copyrighted wolf in river

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Ron Aasheim said the final tally for this winter’s wolf harvest is expected to fall short of the 230 wolves killed in the 2013-2014 season.

The trapping season closed Feb. 28, and Montana’s rifle hunting season for gray wolves ends March 15.

Six of the predators have been killed by landowners, under a new state law that allows wolves to be killed if they are considered a potential threat to livestock or human safety.

In neighboring, Idaho hunters have shot 113 of the animals so far this winter and trappers have killed 92.

The state’s total harvest of 205 wolves is well short of the prior year’s total of 302 animals killed.

Idaho’s wolf season ends March 31 for most of the state but continues year-round in some areas.

Wyoming did not have a wolf hunting season this winter. After losing their federal protections across the Northern Rockies in 2011 and 2012, wolves were put back on the endangered species list in Wyoming in September under a court order.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson sided with wildlife advocates who said Wyoming’s declaration of wolves as unprotected predators that could be shot on sight in most of the state afforded insufficient protection.

Legislation pending before Congress would nullify the judge’s decision.

There were 1,691 wolves in the Northern Rockies at the end of 2013, the most recent data available.


Ask Ducks Unlimited to Cancel Cruel Live Pigeon Shoot


March 3, 2015
Ask Ducks Unlimited to Cancel Cruel Live Pigeon Shoot

Last year, SHARK exposed a horrifically cruel live pigeon shoot that was to be held as a fundraiser for the Prior Lakes, Minnesota chapter of Ducks Unlimited. We made THIS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnllHXc17BI) video calling out Ducks Unlimited. To its credit, Ducks Unlimited quickly shut the shoot down and replaced it with a clay target shoot.

Ducks Unlimited Senior Communications Specialist Matt Coffey explained the shutdown this way:

“We have policies in place holding our staff and local volunteers to high ethical and moral standards, and do not condone wanton waste of wildlife or other animals. To avoid the potential for wanton waste, the event committee has decided to change the live pigeon event to a sporting clays shoot.”

Sadly, the Prior Lakes chapter of Ducks Unlimited is planning another pigeon shoot for March 19th. SHARK is again asking Ducks Unlimited’s national leaders to shut this down before 2,000 innocent birds are shot, wounded, crippled and viciously killed.

Here is the flyer for the shoot. Note how event organizers are calling it a “driven hunt.” They claim they are “harvesting” the pigeons and that they will be given to people to eat. US Senator James Inhofe tried to spin his cruel pigeon shoot the same way last year, but we exposed that as a lie in THIS (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDbN36abT0k) video.

Let’s hope that the national leaders of Ducks Unlimited have more integrity than those in the Prior Lakes chapter.

Please call and write to Ducks Unlimited and politely ask that they follow their own standards and stop this horror before it happens. Let them know that if this slaughter takes place, then Ducks Unlimited reputation will be forever stained. Please let us know of any response you receive.

Dale Hall
(901) 758-3825

Matt Coffey
Senior Communications Specialist
(901) 758-3764

Man’s Fleeting Supremacy


I recently learned about author John A. Livingston, whose pioneering 1970s era environmental works are steeped in a misanthropy that reflects my own feelings on the scourge of humanity. I just acquired a used hard-back copy of his book, One Cosmic Instant: Man’s Fleeting Supremacy, and found myself in agreement with his attitude from the get-go, starting with Chapter One:

“The non-human world is important to the bird watcher. Its relative importance grows, in inverse relationship with an inevitable misanthropy. One’s disillusionment with society’s treatment of non-human nature is built on a body of evidence which is conspicuous on every hand…

“…if for no other reason than his own survival, man must soon adopt an ethic toward the environment. ‘The environment’ encompasses all non-human elements in the one and only home we have on Earth. However, it will be some time before we are able to enunciate, much less promulgate, an environmental ethic because, fundamentally, the ethic runs contrary to our cultural tradition.

“Ethics have been associated with man-to-man or man-to-society. They have not been concerned with man’s relationships to the non-human. Most moral philosophers have not acknowledged that man might have at least some ethical responsibility to the non-human. Perhaps this is because we cannot conceive of having any ethical responsibility to that which is not capable of reciprocating. Ethics, morals, fitness and propriety of behavior—these are human attributes. They do not exist, so far as we’ve been able to determine, in the non-human world. (That this may be a mere problem in communication does not seem to have occurred to us.) Since ethics do not exist in the non-human world, there is no need to apply them to that world. Our attitude toward the non-human world is not immoral: it is amoral.”

The Hate Wolves Face in Idaho….

Originally posted on Howling For Justice:

Anti wolf signs in Idaho_ Martin Kaste NPR

There are no words for such hate!

What a betrayal by Congress and the Obama administration that they turned their backs on wolves and handed them over to their mortal enemies on a silver platter. I wonder how they sleep at night?


Photo: Courtesy NPR (Martin Kaste)

Posted: Wolf Wars

Tags: wolf hate, wolf persecution, Idaho

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Celebrities Get Naked for Fish

Finally, these celebrities get naked for fish

Do you love fish as Helena Bonham Carter does?

Helena Bonham Carter

That’s not Photoshop. That is HBC in the buff, cradling a bigeye tuna.

And she wants you to know how serious she is about this love:

Helena Bonham Carter

The photo is part of a British campaign called Fishlove, behold Dumbledore coyly peeking out from behind a pufferfish!

Fishlove is produced by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, based in Brighton, UK
©Alan Gelati/Fishlove

Fishlove is produced by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, based in Brighton, UK

British-Indian movie star Ayesha Dharker loves moray eels as much as she loves that fat baby. 
©Alan Gelati/Fishlove
Fishlove is produced by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, based in Brighton, UK
Sir Ben Kingsley is alarmed by — and concerned about — the deflated cephalopod he finds in his hands. 
Fishlove is produced by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, based in Brighton, UK
Emmy-award winner Greta Scacchi hopes to cod someone will save the oceans. 
Fishlove is produced by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, based in Brighton, UK
Actor Trevor Laird has appeared on Doctor Who, but may go down in history for appearing underneath this sailfish. 
©Alan Gelati/Fishlove
Fishlove is produced by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, based in Brighton, UK
Lily Loveless made her debut in British TV show Skins, now makes serious dermal contact with an octopus. 

For the rest of these sea stars, check out the galleries (and the campaign) here.