Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak:The wisdom of John Livingston: ‘The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation’

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I ordered 2 of John Livingston’s book’s last week…

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54dd14929599f.preview-300 Baby otters

“I think it (hunting) always was abnormal behavior. It was the fullest expression of the commodification of nature.” — John Livingston (1923-2006)

This column is a resource for people interested in rescuing wildlife as our brothers and sisters — and in the living earth surviving intact for its own sake. It is a challenge to conservationists. Today it focuses on the wisdom of John A. Livingston.

Livingston, who died in 2006, served as executive director of Canadian Audubon in the 1950s, left to produce “The Nature of Things” for CBC television in 1962-1968, then taught ecology at York University. This column consists primarily of excerpts from Farley Mowat’s 1990 interview with Livingston, which is included in “The John A. Livingston Reader,” published in 2007. The reader also includes “The Fallacy of Wildlife Conservation,” originally published in 1981, and “One Cosmic Instant: A Natural History of Human Arrogance,” first…

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Speak For Wolves: Reforming Wildlife Management in America – Part 1

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Speak for Wolves is a project that aims to educate, inspire and organize citizens to work towards reforming wildlife management in America. Join fellow wildlife advocates on August 7-9 at the Union Pacific Dining Lodge in West Yellowstone, Montana for Speak for Wolves 2015.

The first of the five keys to reforming wildlife management in America.

 1. Restructure State Fish & Game Department Operations
Western governors currently appoint fish and game commissioners, who in-turn use their authority to influence agency policy, particularly predator management. This is cronyism at its worst. State fish and game departments are funded in large part by the sale of hunting, trapping, and fishing licenses. As a result, these agencies serve the primary interest of “sportsmen”, while sentiments of citizens that do not hunt, fish or trap are given considerably less consideration. Terminating the political appointment of agency commissioners, creating innovative funding mechanisms, applying…

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The Boys and Girls Who “Cry Wolf” and the Morons That Believe Them

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Fear mongering has become a staple of rural mindsets and right wing politics in general. One week ISIS is going to march down your streets and impose Sharia Law on all the good “god fearin'” Christians in Murcia. The next week immigrants with cantaloupe sized calves are going to stream across the border, take our jobs, and infect us with the disease of the week as part of some socialist plot. The fear mongering tactic of the month for anti-wolf factions appears to be to make us think that our poor poor farmers struggling on the lonely landscape are in danger of having their cattle, their pets, and grandchildren eaten alive by rampaging hoards of wolves. Literally within hours of the December federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes big ag propaganda arms were putting out stories about wolves eating newborn calves…

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Sea creatures will get bigger and bigger—if we don’t eat them first

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“As a species we’ve been pretty effective at removing large animals wherever we roam.”

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When life on Earth began around 3.6 billion years ago, all organisms were small. Indeed, it took some 2.5 billion years to evolve any organism that grows larger than a single cell.

Since then, things have accelerated a bit and—along with the great diversification of body forms—animals have tended to get bigger. Indeed, the largest animal ever to live, the blue whale, is still very much with us, and has been swimming the world’s oceans for only a couple of million years—a mere blink of the eye in the long, long history of life in the sea.

This trend towards larger body sizes through evolutionary time has become known as Cope’s Rule, after the American palaeontologist Edward Drinker Cope. Cope’s rule has been documented or disputed in hundreds of studies of numerous animal lineages over the last century, but a new study in the journal Science provides perhaps the most comprehensive test…

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Two Men Sic Their Dogs On A Defenseless, Wounded Coyote!

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Warning Graphic Picture

Wounded coyote being mauled by dogs - Michigan Live

“Two men face felony charges for allegedly ordering hunting dogs to attack a wounded coyote. Video of the attack was uploaded to YouTube. (Video screen grab/Michigan Live)”

February 19, 2015

Psychos are running around in America’s woods,  using dogs and guns to torture and kill innocent animals, in the name of sport.

“Criminal charges have been authorized against two Upper Peninsula hunters accused of urging hunting dogs to attack a wounded coyote and videotaping the squealing animal, court records show.

The hunters also were investigated after both allegedly videotaped a wounded coyote deliberately hit by one of the hunters’ truck, an Freedom of Information Act request found.

Each incident was witnessed by one of the men’s young sons, according to records.”…Michigan Live

And if anyone thinks this is the only time someone has tortured or killed an animal in this way, think again. These…

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A Few Words About Game Farms

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At the end of my book is a chapter called, “A Few Words on Ethical Wildlife Photography,” wherein I examine some of the problems that arise when over-eager photographers forget that their animal subjects have needs and interests of their own that don’t always include posing for the camera. With surprising frequency, irresponsible photo-getters are gored, trampled or charged by free-roaming animals annoyed enough to feel they must defend themselves.

But no amount of disturbance could ever equal the level of abuse and exploitation suffered by an animal stuck in a zoo or game farm. Too often, the “wild” animals seen in books or magazines are actually imprisoned specimens sentenced to life in a barren pen or cage. The only time some of these pitiable creatures see the light of day is when they’re paraded out and made to pose for a client who wants to shoot them in front…

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So Much at Stake: Annual DNR 82nd Election of SOLE ADVISORY TO THE LEGISLATURE, April 13

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Who the fuck traps our fellow mammals or hunts sandhill cranes these days?

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ALERT: DNR Annual Spring Meeting | DNR 2015 Questionnaire | Educational Help Needed | Call for Candidates |

DNR 2015 Questionnaire

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Spring Meeting is to be held state-wide on Monday, April 13. This is THE opportunity to not only complete this year’s questionnaire, but more importantly, to have a voice in what direction the DNR takes on a variety of issues. Here’s more information.

The DNR’s 2015 questionnaire can be found here. In summary, the attachment contains information regarding:
Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) Delegate Elections which are to take place at 6:30 p.m. on April 13 PRIOR to the start of the DNR portion of the Annual Spring County Conservation Meeting/Hearing (instructions and delegate eligibility requirements are provided on page 3)
State-wide Electronic Balloting on Proposed Statewide Wildlife Management Rule Changes (questions 1-71 presented on pages 11-39 of the questionnaire…

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Wildlife Abuse

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DSC_5375 Embden goose, one of a pair, both year-round residents, at Seattle’s Lincoln Park.

Photo’ by Arley Fosburgh

Animals feel and experience depression, fear, elation, gratitude, loneliness, joy… We, as humans, do not have an exclusive, on feelings.

Animals, like other species, are souls wrapped within an earthly body. They should be treated with love, dignity and respect.

Still, some humans don’t know, or refuse to recognize this truth. Earlier this week, I was visiting Seattle’s Lincoln Park. There were two women, about 24 years old, or so… One was trying to take a phone photo’ of two geese who were eating grass, over by a picnic table.

When one of the women couldn’t get the picture she wanted because the geese would continue to move, the other woman began to chase the geese around, in an effort to restrain them, so her friend could take the picture. When that didn’t…

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Wildlife: Southwest wolf population tops 100 for first time in modern era

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Conservation biologists focusing on genetic health of packs

A Mexican gray wolf in the wilds of the Blue Range wolf recovery area. Photo courtesy of the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team. A Mexican gray wolf in the wilds of the Blue Range wolf recovery area. Photo courtesy of the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team.

Staff Report

FRISCO — The future for wolves in the southwestern U.S. looks a little brighter this year, as the population grew by 31 percent to reach 109 wolves living in the wilds of New Mexico and Arizona.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, it’s the fourth year in a row that the population has grown by at least 10 percent. The 2014 minimum population count includes 38 wild-born pups that survived through the end of the year.

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Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Releases Film “Political Predator”

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Today, the grassroots wildlife advocacy group that I am proud to be a board member of, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a provocative documentary about what led up to Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter and the politics behind it. The film, “Political Predator,” can be viewed on YouTube and at the Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf website. The press release is below:

For more information:
Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf
117 Ardmore Drive
Madison, WI 53713


(Madison, WI) Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a full feature documentary film today, live on YouTube, about the Wolf in Wisconsin which is like no other film to date. The film’s subject is how the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt came to be, and has been carried out until relisting in December of 2014…

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