Trump to Strip Alaska Park and Refuge Wildlife Protection

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Directives to Expand Hunting and Trapping Launch Long, Uncertain Legal Process

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration is taking aim at restrictions on recreational hunting and trapping inside national parks and refuges in Alaska, according to directives posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).  The regulations limit questionable hunting techniques, such as killing bear cubs and sows with cubs, luring grizzlies with rotting meat, trapping and snaring bears, and killing wolves while they are raising pups, among other controversial methods.

In a pair of July 14, 2017 memos, Virginia Johnson,  Acting Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks, orders the acting directors of the National Park Service (NPS) and theU.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), “to initiate a rulemaking process to reconsider” each of their agency rules. She cites “various prohibitions that directly contradict State of Alaska authorizations and wildlife management decisions.”

The essential conflict is that…

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Trophy hunter slays son of Cecil

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July 21, 2017 
by Wayne Pacelle, President HSUS

This week, Vietnam agreed to the rescue and relocation of 1,000 bears who live on bear farms. These Asiatic sun bears are held in deplorable settings and “milked” in extraordinarily inhumane ways for their bile (used in tonics and in traditional Chinese medicine). The shut-down of this industry is a big moment in the global campaign to protect these predators, and we salute the Vietnamese government and also Animals Asia Foundation, which drove the outcome. We hope this policy advance creates more pressure on China to replicate the policy.

In Africa, on the other hand, there’s jarring news on the treatment of predators. There’s been an eerily familiar slaying in Zimbabwe: a trophy hunter shot and killed Xanda the lion, whose primary range consisted of a portion of Hwange National Park. Xanda was the son of Cecil, who was also…

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Mexican wolves desperately need your voice. The long overdue plan to guide recovery efforts in the coming decades was just released and it falls woefully short of actually recovering lobos.

Please sign our citizens’ comment letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on the flawed draft plan by August 28th.

The draft “recovery” plan reads more like a draft extinction plan dreamed up by the wolves’ most hostile opponents. It’s so fundamentally flawed that we cannot possibly include all of our concerns in this short email.

The plan gives away decision-making authority over vital releases of captive-bred wolves into the wild to the anti-carnivore states of New Mexico and Arizona. It actively prevents lobos from reclaiming historic habitats, and artificially caps the wild population at just 320-380 wolves when the best science shows we need at least 750 wolves to declare the species recovered. And it settles…

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Trump just nominated a climate change skeptic to USDA’s top science post

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 July 19

This story has been updated.

President Trump on Wednesday nominated Sam Clovis, a former college professor and talk radio host who has challenged the scientific consensus that human activity has been the primary driver of climate change, to serve in the Agriculture Department’s top scientific post.

“Dr. Clovis was one of the first people through the door at USDA in January and has become a trusted advisor and steady hand as we continue to work for the people of agriculture,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement Wednesday evening. “He looks at every problem with a critical eye, relying on sound science and data, and will be the facilitator and integrator we need. Dr. Clovis has served this nation proudly since he was a very…

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The Trouble With The First Nation’s Deer Hunt In Niagara’s Short Hills Provincial Park

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A Commentary by Barry Kent MacKay, Senior Program Associate in the Canadian
office of Born Free U.S.A.

Posted November 29th, 2016 on Niagara At Large

Niagara, Ontario – Regarding the deer hunt or cull in Short Hills Provincial
Park in Niagara, I wonder if the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and
Forestry (MNRF) is using the Haudenosaunee to promote “hunting as a wildlife
management tool” because their revenues are in decline from hunter (and
fisher) licenses issued.

Of course such revenue does not come from First Nations, whose treaty rights
override rules applied to everyone else. Thus my theory, in part, is that
it is seen as in the fiscal interest of the MNRF to support the conception
of hunting being necessary, overall.

I have had MNRF officials claim it is necessary to reduce deer numbers and
also claim that it is not – that the hunt is just a…

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