Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Jane Goodall condemns trophy hunting as sadistic

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Indeed, Palmer is not the only hunter deserving of our contempt and anger. Far from it.” ~ Jane Goodall

Trophy hunting should be stopped in Wisconsin today, with an emergency stop to the September bear slaughter. This You Tube video shows a Wisconsin bow hunter, safely hidden, killing one of our bears over bait. His sadistic thrill, glorying in the blood trail, is followed by the usual triumphant trophy pictures.

Jane Goodall posted a strong condemnation of trophy hunting Aug. 20 after learning that Cecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, had abandoned Cecil’s cubs and one had already been killed by a rival male. “Almost certainly the other cubs will be killed as well,” she lamented.

She expresses the grief and outrage being felt worldwide as men and women serially kill our world’s wildlife: “And the question we should ask ourselves is this: Just because he was named, and loved…

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NM Game Commission: No “Game” for Wildlife

from Rosemary Lowe:

At the NM Game Commission hearing on August 27th, Opponents of increased mountain lion and bear killing outnumbered the hunters, trappers, ranchers, at least 4 to 1. Yet, while some of the environmental/animal groups were allowed to speak, many of us individual citizens were not. It was obvious to many that the commission was changing the rules to fit their biased needs. Not only are numerous ranchers & hunters on this commission, but there are 2 Safari Club International members as well.

Anyone surprised that the “vote” was unanimous in favor of more killing?

We cannot help wildlife by changing these game department’s names, or funding structure, or by continuing to accept their barbaric “game management policies” as something worthy of support.

Game agencies were started in the early 1900’s.  Aldo Leopold (a long-time wolf killer), literally wrote the textbook on game management. Yes, he was “sorry” for killing one wolf too many, but he was responsible for the atrocious model of today’s “modern game management” which views wild animals as “commodities and resources.”

Terms such as “harvest” and “game quotas” are designed to artificially maintain wild species for trophy/trapping–-keeping just enough of them for human exploitation/killing.

The NM Game Dept comes up with pseudo-statistics to rationalize their use of wildlife. Some so-called wildlife groups are collaborating with the enemies of wildlife – the hunting, trapping and livestock industries– to establish a so-called sustainable level of wildlife killing. The wildlife of New Mexico have enough to contend with, without wildlife organizations joining the killing machine.

The World Wildlife Living Planet Report says: “Populations of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles measured for the report have declined by 52 per cent since 1970; and freshwater species have suffered a 76 per cent decline – an average loss almost double that of land and marine species.”

We are developing a campaign against trophy hunting, and the state game departments which support it, on our EARTH for Animals website.

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

911 calls released from fatal Twisp fire: ‘The fire is headed right towards my house!’

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TWISP, Wash. — For the first time, we’re hearing 911 calls from the fire near Twisp — messages for help in the moments three firefighters lost their lives.

As the fire spreads, you can hear chaos erupt as the calls get more frequent.

“There`s a fire on Wood Creek heading up the hill. I just looked out my window and the fire is headed right towards my house!” one 911 caller said.

That August afternoon, the Okanogan Complex Fire was on its way to becoming the biggest in state history. Evacuation orders were soon to follow.

“Wind shifted and he wants Level 3 evacuations for Twisp,” one first responded says to another, referring to the level of mandatory evacuations.

On August 19, the fire’s flames went from threatening to deadly.

“One firefighter or multiple? No confirmation yet on firefighters. Wind shifted again, heading toward Twisp,” a 911…

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Okanogan wildfire grows by 22 square miles; at least 94 homes and cabins destroyed

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SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — The largest wildfire in Washington state history grew by more than 22 square miles overnight, and firefighters are worried about high winds predicted for this weekend.

The Okanogan Complex of wildfires was listed at 472 square miles on Friday morning, after windy conditions Thursday pushed the fire on a couple of runs. It is only 12 percent contained.

Officials say the fire has destroyed at least 45 primary residences, 49 cabins and 60 outbuildings. Three firefighters died battling the fire last week, and a memorial service for them is planned for Sunday in Wenatchee.

Fire spokeswoman Sierra Hellstrom says temperatures are lower and humidity higher on Friday, which is good news for firefighters. But thunderstorms with high winds predicted for this weekend could fan the flames.

Okanogan County Fires issued mandatory evacuation orders Friday afternoon for those living in the north, middle and…

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Dozens of wild horses found dead in Soda Fire aftermath

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — More than a dozen wild horses have died in the Soda Fire in Owyhee County, BLM officials say.

The 27 horses were found by a team of BLM employees and a veterinarian who were checking on the herd’s condition. A gate was opened, but they were overtaken by fire before they could leave the area.

“Due to the severe and erratic nature of the fire, we anticipate there will be more horses that were injured as they tried to escape the fire,” said Jenifer Arnold, acting BLM district manager Jenifer Arnold. “It’s a terrible reality for wildlife, livestock and wild horses living on the range, to be overtaken by an intense, wind-drive range fire.”

In addition, two horses were euthanized because of severe injuries.

Three herds, which have more than 200 horses, have been affected by the Soda Fire.

BLM workers have hauled in hay and most of the horses have been able to find water. In the longterm, however, BLM said the horses will be cared for off the range until they can return when conditions improve.


Everything We Ever Believed Is Wrong

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WRONGOnce we realize that all sentient life is equally valuable, a remarkable thing happens.

We gain a perspective that is totally revolutionary.

Everything we formerly thought, believed, experienced, and were taught, turns out to have been wrong.

We find we are at odds with almost all of humanity, with every government on Earth, with all major religions and most of the minor ones.

If all life is equally precious, every human legal system is a fraud. Every government is complicit in murder, every person who eats meat, who hunts, who supports animal exploitation and murder industries is a criminal.

Morality and law are human inventions. Not surprisingly, they always favor humans.

There are no such things as law or morality in nature. But if we believe that all sentient life is equally valuable we arrive at standards that can be considered universal law and universal morality.

We must step outside…

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Seafloor Methane Begins to Melt Off Washington State Coast

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Warming of the Pacific Ocean off Washington state could destabilize methane deposits on the seafloor and trigger a release of the greenhouse gas to the atmosphere, according to a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters.

At issue are methane hydrates, which are complexes of methane trapped in frozen ice buried in ocean beds. The hydrates are found throughout the world’s oceans and are maintained by cool water and immense pressures. But as the oceans warm, the hydrates get destabilized and methane is released.

Methane is a significant greenhouse gas, with a global warming potential 86 times as potent as CO2 on a 20-year time scale. Some scientists worry that a significant release from the oceans could exacerbate climate change.

“Methane hydrates are a very large and fragile reservoir of carbon that can be released if temperatures change,” Evan Soloman, a researcher at the University of Washington, said in a…

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Animal Lovers: Don’t Hesitate to Feel Your Hate

Exposing the Big Game:

If it’s not okay to hate the people who kill your friends for sport, who can you hate? And don’t think for a second that hunters, no matter how the schmooze, don’t hate you or anyone who might be out to spoil their fun by trying to ban contest hunts, or otherwise exposing their sadism.

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2014. All Rights Reserved

Living in Earth’s out-of-the-way places, surrounded by prime wildlife habitat (as I’ve always chosen to do), an advocate must eventually make a choice—either stand with your wildlife friends, or join in the “fun” (made increasingly more popular by repulsive “reality” shows like Duck Dynasty and so many evil others) and go around shooting everything you see.

I made my choice long ago and decided the only way to live in such a wildlife-war-torn area is to have as little to do with the people as possible. To quote Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson, referring to his native land, coastal New Brunswick, Canada (where clubbing baby seals is the local pastime), “Love the country, hate the people.”

Author Farley Mowat, another selfless Canadian animal advocate in league with Captain Watson, ultimately came around to that same sentiment in A Whale for…

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