Cat owner feels upset by recent hunting column

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I was really upset with an article I read in the sports pages in the June 16 SV Weekend.

In the article, Adam Feiner was recalling the first time he went target shooting with his dad. The more I read, the angrier I became.

He tells that his father handed him a .410 shotgun at the age of 7 to target practice. I, myself, think this is a little young. While attempting to hit his target, he killed a stray cat.

This is the part that is so upsetting. When he killed the cat, he states, “When the cat fell into a heap, the look on my dad’s face was priceless.” In other words, missed the target but the cat was a bigger prize.

Well, this should have been a teaching moment. His father should have told him, “I am…

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May was the deadliest month in six years for B.C.’s black bears

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Thu, May 25: The arrival of spring also reminds us we live in bear country. Our cameraman caught one roaming freely in Burnaby, B.C.

– A A +

A former conservation officer and failed NDP candidate in the May election is calling for policy changes after a massive spike in the number of black bears destroyed last month.

Conservation officers had to put down 119 bears in May, more than double the 52 that were killed in the same month last year, and the deadliest month for the animals in the last six years.

That signals the need for change, according to Bryce Casavant.

LISTEN: Bryce Casavant says human bear conflicts signal the need for change

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Boy shoots foot in Crawford County hunting accident

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The victim’s rifle discharged while the boy was raising it.

MEADVILLE — A 12-year-old boy was accidentally shot in the foot Friday while hunting woodchucks with his father in northern Crawford County.

The boy was hunting in a field near Route 198 in Beaver Township around 2:20 p.m. when his .22 caliber rifle accidentally discharged as he was picking it up, state police reported. A round of ammunition went through his left foot.

The victim, whose name was not released, was taken to UPMC Hamot for treatment. The Pennsylvania Game Commission will investigate the shooting, police said.

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Hunter fined $4,125

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(QMI Agency file photo

(QMI Agency file photo

Hunting and fishing offences will cost a Sault Ste. Marie man more than $4,000 in fines.

Cameron Tucker was checked by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry conservation officers on the St. Mary’s River on Jan. 15. He was ice fishing.

Tucker presented an expired fishing licence from his truck. Officers saw signs of hunting, a release says.

An investigation found Tucker shot a white-tailed deer last October.

He used a compound bow while standing on the travelled portion of Ranger Lake Road in Renwick Township.

Tucker wasn’t supposed to hunt due to previous hunting convictions related to an October 2016 incident on St. Joseph Island.

He also failed to update his address on his outdoors card within 10 days of changing residences.

Tucker pleaded guilty to hunting big game without a licence, discharging a firearm on the travelled portion of a roadway, violating a…

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Amount of people hunting is declining but AGFC wants mentors to help change that

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A state known for its hunting is losing hunters every day, and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission employees worry that a further decrease could prevent them from taking care of our environment the way that they should.

A state known for its hunting is losing hunters every day, and Arkansas Game and Fish Commissionemployees worry that a further decrease could prevent them from taking care of our environment the way that they should.

“I could see us struggling to do that if this trend continues to go that direction,” Spencer Griffith said.

AGFC has launched the Hunt Natural campaign to try to reverse the decline in participation. “In the state of Arkansas, we’ve lost about 18,000 hunters in the last five years,” Griffith explained, “and that represents about seven percent of…

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Trophy hunter shamed and threatened on social media

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Photo for illustration only.

Photo for illustration only.

A wealthy American trophy hunter is facing a harsh backlash on social media for allegedly luring a lion to its death at the Kruger National Park.

A trophy hunter who is believed to have lured a lion to its death at the Kruger National Park has been identified on social media as a wealthy American from Kentucky, who is facing a harsh social media backlash.

The social media justice Jared Whitworth has faced so far has included the sharing of his cellphone number and email address, along with vilification, outrage and threats.

The trophy hunter was alleged to have paid £60 000 (or more than a million rand) for the controversial kill, and kept the lion’s skin and head as trophies.

The South African professional hunter who reportedly organised the shoot, Graham Sales, is facing a much smaller, but still significant, backlash.


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Summer Heat Waves Break Records Across Northern Hemisphere

The Extinction Chronicles 0705wrpA melted ice cream cone. (Photo: Steve Snodgrass / Flickr)


Article reprinted with permission from EcoWatch

The summer of 2018 is shaping up to be one for the record books. Locations across the Northern Hemisphere have recorded their hottest temperatures ever this past week, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. While the Post points out that no single heat record can be linked to climate change, this summer’s high temperatures follow a trend of record-setting years and open a window into what will be the new normal if we don’t act quickly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Records were set across the U.S. as people prepared to kick off summer with outdoor Fourth of July celebrations. Denver tied its record of 105 degrees Fahrenheit on June 28, but while temperatures soared across the nation, it was the usually mild New…

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Ban fur farming in Ireland

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“We’ve drafted a bill to ban fur farming in Ireland”

Irish Council Against Blood Sports ICABS
Ireland, Ireland

JUL 12, 2018 — “We’ve drafted a bill to ban fur farming in Ireland”: Congratulations to Solidarity TDs Ruth Coppinger and Paul Murphy on their announcement today (12 July 2018). Solidarity has revealed that it will have a “Ban Fur Farming” bill ready to present to the Dail after the parliamentary summer recess.In a video posted online this afternoon, Ruth Coppinger TD stated: “We believe this is something that’s really important for the welfare of animals. Mink are what are farmed in Ireland and these are actually meant to be wild, untamed animals – not put in confined spaces, certainly not farmed. They suffer from this practice enormously. We want to send a message globally that Ireland shouldn’t be a laggard in terms of animal rights and animal welfare as it…

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Man mistaken for wildlife, shot while hunting

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Hunting Accident Graphic (Photo Copyright Midwest Communications, Inc.).
Hunting Accident Graphic (Photo Copyright Midwest Communications, Inc.).

UNION TOWNSHIP, MI (WTVB) – Michigan State Police say a man who was varmint hunting was shot Wednesday night by a resident of a home on Hodunk Road who mistook him for wildlife. The incident happend in Branch County’s Union Township.

Troopers who were dispatched to the shooting found the wounded hunter lying down in a field behind a home.

They say he was not wearing any orange high visibility clothing. He was airlifted from the scene to Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo. His condition is not known after being shot once in the head area.

The names of the persons involved have not been released. The shooting appears to have been accidential but the incident remains under investigation.

Michigan State Police were assisted by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, LifeCare Ambulance and the Union City Fire…

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Alaska Wants to Fight Warming While Still Drilling for Oi

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As the state weathers impacts of climate change, its economy still relies on fossil fuels

Alaska Wants to Fight Warming While Still Drilling for Oil
The Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) near Copperville, Alaska. Credit: Daniel Acker Getty Images

Alaska’s appetite for oil is as ubiquitous as the state’s proliferating examples of a changing climate.

The Arctic is melting faster than anywhere else in the world. Permafrost is thawing and releasing carbon into the atmosphere. Warmer air and ocean water have diminished sea ice. Native villages along the coast are moving inland to flee rising seas.

But climate change is a political issue. Although Alaskans may not dispute the science, they do disagree about what to do about it. After all, oil and gas makes up the vast majority of the state’s revenue. After the price of oil plummeted in recent years, oil drillers slowed production, crippling the state’s…

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