Trump fails to commit to Paris climate agreement as he concludes first overseas trip

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May 27 at 12:33 PM
President Trump failed to commit to remaining within the Paris climate agreement during a two-day meeting with world leaders that ended here Saturday, but he tweeted that he was still considering it and would announce a final decision “next week.”

In a final communique, the Group of Seven industrialized countries said that the United States “is not in a position to join the consensus.” The other six members reaffirmed their commitment to swiftly implement the 2015 accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

The G-7 summit marked the last stop of Trump’s first overseas trip as president, a grueling nine-day tour that included high-level discussions in the Middle East and with NATO, as well as…

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For the first time, a new strain of bird flu was transmitted human-to-human. This is highly unusual–and could be the first sign of new global pandemic.

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Wisconsin teen killed in hunting accident

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TOWN OF WHITESTOWN, Wis. (AP) — Authorities say a 17-year-old boy has died after he was accidentally shot by a friend while hunting in Vernon County.

Sheriff’s officials say the boy and his 15-year-old friend were going turkey hunting on private land in the Town of Whitestown Sunday. When the two got out of the vehicle, a pistol held by the younger boy discharged, striking the older boy in the side and chest area. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sheriff John Spears says both teens are from the Ontario area.

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Pope-Trump meeting agenda: Climate change, terrorism

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“Thank you. I won’t forget what you said,” Trump told Pope Francis, before leaving the Pope’s private study after a half-hour private meeting.
Neither Trump nor the Pope revealed what their conversation entailed, but readouts from the White House and the Vatican highlighted terrorism, climate change and peace as agenda items covered.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, briefing reporters on Air Force One after the meeting, said terrorism and climate change came up. He said the Vatican’s secretary of state raised climate change and encouraged Trump to remain in the Paris agreement.
Tillerson said the President “hasn’t made a final decision,” and likely will not until “after we get home.”
In a statement, the Vatican said only that the two men discussed “the promotion of peace in the…

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Factory Farms Put Climate at Risk, Experts Say in Urging World Health Officials to Speak Out

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In a letter, 200 experts called on the next director-general of the World Health Organization to confront the role factory farming plays in climate change.

Georgina Gustin


MAY 22, 2017

Concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs, have expanded to meet the rising global demand for meat, but they also bring concerns about health and climate. Credit: Jeff Vanuga/USDA/Getty Images

Roughly 200 experts in disciplines from nutrition to animal welfare are calling on the World Health Organization to take a more serious look at the impact of industrial livestock production on human health and the climate.

In a letter sent Monday, the group—which includes former New York Timesfood writer Mark Bittman and environmentalist Bill McKibben—appealed to the WHO, asking that its next director-general work “to reduce the size and number of factory farms.” The WHO’s World Health Assembly got underway Monday, and the body will…

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Two Chinese cities close poultry markets after H7N9 bird flu infections

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China will shut poultry markets in certain districts of two cities after H7N9 bird flu infections were detected, state media reported on Sunday, the latest incidents in this year’s more severe outbreak of the virus.

A 44-year-old man who sold poultry at a farmers market in southwestern Sichuan province’s Zigong city was diagnosed with H7N9, China News Service reported. Local authorities announced a one-month halt to poultry markets in the city’s Ziliujing district from midnight on Monday.

Separately, a 74-year old man who had visited poultry markets in Shandong province’s Binzhou city was also diagnosed with H7N9, China Central Television reported. Binzhou authorities will temporarily halt poultry markets in three of its districts.

Bird flu can jump from poultry to humans. Human cases of bird flu have been unusually…

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Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’


WINNER-Julian-RadJulian Rad

SILVER-RUNNER-UP-William-Richardson William Richardson.

Highly-Commended-Alison-Buttigieg Alison Buttigieg

Highly-Commended-Graham-McGeorge Graham McGeorge

Highly-Commended-Julie-Hunt Julie Hunt

Highly-Commended-Megan-Lorenz Megan Lorenz

these-baby-baboons-are-going-to-be-besties-for-ever-i-know-it Tony Dilger

Highly-Commended-Marc-Mol Marc Mol

this-silverback-mountain-gorilla-doesnt-care-what-you-think Oliver Dreike

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-31-57fb40d56564a__880 Austin Thomas

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-16-57fb40b431364__880 Austin Thomas

Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Awards-Shortlist-57fb453b11c53__880 Edward Kopeschny

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-26-57fb40cae94c3__880 George Balan

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-5-57fb409c568e2__880 Mary Swaby

funny-comedy-animal-photography-awards-9jpg Yuzuru Masuda

funny-comedy-animal-photography-awards-4jpg @Charlie Davidson

Be Different Mohammed Alnaser

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-11 Isabelle Marozzo

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-7 Charles Kinsey

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-25-57fb40c8c39a8__880 Ross Couper

Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Awards-Shortlist-57fb45e4e42fa__880 Barb D’Arpino

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-35-57fb40dd02f48__880 Alex Jevon

164_comedywildlife_oct13 Tony Murtagh

00000140_p Thomas Bullivant

00000156_p Austin Thomas

00000110_p Olivier Steiner

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-18-57fb40b7bed8d__880 Perdita Petzl

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-34-57fb40db53b11__880 Philip Marazzi

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-23-57fb40c339239__880 Mario Fiorucci

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-27-57fb40cca28b7__880 Angela Bohlke

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-30-57fb40d3a4859__880 @Adam Parsons

dutton-robert-for-the-comedy-wildlife-photo-awards-2016-south-africa-april-2012 Dutton Robert

phpaxcvHC Perdita Petzl

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-20 Derek Auerman

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-18 Adam White

funny-entries-wildlife-photography-awards-2016-6jpg Murray Mcculloch

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-16 Yvette Richard

1101_comedy-wildlife-frog-1000x623Artyom Krivosheev

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-2016-8jpg Rob Kroenert

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-12-57fb40ab9cbe7__880 Stephen Biddlecombe

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-4-57fb4099ad5a9__880 Markus Pavlowsky

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-3-57fb409747991__880 Alison Mees

2CD1E54500000578-0-image-a-328_1443424597830 Diaruisz Bress

Comedy-9 Aaron Karnovski

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-11-57fb40a96d56b__880 Yaron Schmid

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-2-57fb409517e2f__880 Brigitta Moser

Comedy-Wildlife-Photo-Awards-Shortlist-57fb470946e67__880 ©Michael Erwin

00000137_p © Vaughan Jessnitz

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-19-57fb40b99484e__880 Hahish Inamdar

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-8-57fb40a27ceb1__880 Usman Priyona

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-10-57fb40a6b5f10__880 Brenden Simonson

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-22-57fb40c0e3dec__880Henrik Spranz

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-9james sharp

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-28-57fb40ce6db78__880 Brigitta Moser

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-13-57fb40aeee845__880 Patricia Bachmam

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-17 Marilyn Parver

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-10 Monkia Carrie

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-12 Nicolas de Vaulx

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-21-57fb40bf1e29b__880 @Anup Deodhar

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-19 Rosario L Cordoba

00000129_p Caroline Tout

2016-Comedy-Wildlife-Photography-Awards-Winners-21 Isabelle Marozzo

comedy-wildlife_06 Megan Lorenz

comedy-wildlife-photography-awards-shortlist-2016-15-57fb40b2b2199__880 @Nicolas de Vaulx

Kung Fu SquirrelJulian Rad

Hilarious Winners of the First Annual ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’

More info: Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards

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A surprise victory for environmentalists on methane

The Extinction Chronicles
May 19 at 7:58 PM

THE SENATE last week delivered a surprise victory for environmentalists. Three Republicans joined with several energy-state Democrats to slow the Trump era’s wave of deregulation, preventing Congress from killing one of the Obama administration’s most rational global warming rules. Now the action turns to the Interior Department, which is reviewing the same regulation that just survived Congress’s scrutiny. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who insists he shares Teddy Roosevelt’s commitment to stewardship, should show similar restraint.

The Methane and Waste Prevention Rule concerns methane emissions from oil and gas drilling on federal land. As the primary component in natural gas, methane is a valuable commodity. When drillers allow it to waft uselessly into the air, national resources are wasted and the government loses…

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Endangered vaquita marina porpoise could be extinct by 2018: WWF

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The vaquita marina, a tiny porpoise native to Mexico, could be extinct by next year if urgent action including a ban on gillnets is not taken, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature warned.

Fewer than 30 of the rare mammals (Phocoena sinus) still live in the wild, all in the upper Gulf of California, the WWF said in a report Monday.

The vaquita population has plummeted 90 percent in less than six years, down from 250 in 2011.

“If we don’t do something today, the vaquita could be extinct by 2018,” said Maria Jose Villanueva, director of strategy and science for WWF Mexico. “Losing it would be like losing a piece of Mexico.”

Villanueva told reporters that the only known threat to the survival of the vaquita—”little cow” in Spanish—are gillnets, long walls of netting hung vertically that trap fish by the gills when they swim through.

The nets are…

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