We’ve Vastly Underestimated How Much Methane Humans Are Spewing Into The Atmosphere


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19 FEB 2020

Tiny bubbles of ancient air trapped in ice cores from Greenland suggest we’ve been seriously overestimating the natural cycle of methane, while vastly undervaluing our own terrible impact.

Methane is an ‘invisible climate menace‘ – roughly 30 times more potent as a heat-trapper than carbon dioxide  – and while some of this atmospheric gas is produced naturally, new research indicates humans are responsible for far more of it than we thought until now.

Before the industrial revolution, when humans began to extract and burn fossil fuels on the regular, natural methane emissions were an order of magnitude smaller than current estimates, the study suggests.

Today, this means our own methane emissions might be up to 40 percent higher than suspected.

“Our results imply that anthropogenic methane emissions now account for about 30 percent of the global methane…

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China could help protect global public health by permanently banning the wildlife trade

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The world is watching in shock and despair as the latest deadly coronavirus continues to spread. It is said to have originated at the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, where it’s believed to have spread from wild animals to humans. China has temporarily shut down wildlife markets and the wildlife trade to control it, but without a permanent ban and strict enforcement measures in place, the risk of deadly diseases spreading via markets like Huanan will remain high.

Please voice your support for a permanent ban on global wildlife trade!


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KALISPELL, Mont. (AP) — A proposal by wildlife managers to extend the wolf hunting and trapping seasons in northwestern Montana was rejected, a wildlife commission said.

The state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks voted Thursday to maintain the hunting and trapping seasons from Sept. 15 to March 15, the Daily Inter Lake reported.

The proposal would have lengthened the hunting season by six weeks from Aug. 15 to March 31, and increase the individual hunting quota from five to 10 wolves affecting Region One, which covers Lincoln, Flathead, Sanders and Lake counties, commission officials said.

The two proposals received about 1,000 comments online and dozens during the meeting Thursday from people as far away as Arizona.

Some people agreed with the proposal to raise the harvest quota, arguing elk populations could suffer if wolf populations…

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South Korean city on high alert as coronavirus cases soar at ‘cult’ church

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A 61-year-old woman is believed to have infected dozens of worshippers at the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu, taking the national total to 82

Coronavirus outbreak: the area around a branch of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu is disinfected on Thursday.
 Coronavirus outbreak: the area around a branch of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu is disinfected on Thursday. Photograph: Reuters

The South Korean city of Daegu was facing an “unprecedented crisis” after coronavirus infections that centred on a controversial “cult” church surged to 38 cases, accounting for nearly half of the country’s total.

The city of 2.5 million people, which is two hours south of the capital Seoul, was turned into a ghost town after health officials said the bulk of country’s 31 new cases announced on Thursday were linked to a branch of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

“We are in an unprecedented crisis,” Daegu’s mayor, Kwon Young-jin, told reporters.

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Two Florida men banned from hunting in Colorado — one of life, one for 20 years — in poaching case

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Men illegally killed mule deer and pronghorn
Posted: 6:16 AM, Feb 18, 2020
Updated: 9:47 AM, Feb 18, 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Two Florida men who pleaded guilty in a poaching case in 2018 have been sentenced and will likely never hunt in Colorado ever again, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

CPW said both men — Timothy C. Draper, 33, and Lawrence J. Cowart, 30, both of Bunnell, Florida — were part of a 10-month poaching operation that involved the illegal killing of at least three mule deer and six pronghorn in Elbert and Lincoln Counties.

In December 2018, Draper pleaded guilty in Lincoln County Court to a misdemeanor charge of illegal possession of three or more big game. On Feb. 11, a CPW Commission hearing examiner ruled that he’d receive a 20-year suspension of his hunting privileges in Colorado. He was sentenced to…

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21 Hunting Dogs Found Dead at Virginia Kennel


Dog collar

File photo

The owner of a Virginia kennel has been charged with animal cruelty after authorities said they discovered 21 dead hunting dogs there.

Dinwiddie County Animal Control, acting on an anonymous tip, went to the property off U.S Highway 1 and discovered the dead dogs inside the kennel. One dog was still alive, The Progress-Index of Petersburg reported.

The surviving dog is receiving treatment and is expected to recover.

21 Hunting Dogs Found Dead at Virginia Kennel


A game of ‘Gotcha?’ Pa. court shoots down archery hunter’s Catch-22 conviction for hunting over bait

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A state appeals court has overturned an archery hunter’s conviction for hunting over bait, finding that the Game Commission mishandled the case on several levels.

Saying the Pennsylvania Game Commission violated the man’s rights along with simple common sense, a state appeals court panel has shot down an archery hunter’s conviction for hunting over bait.

For starters, Judge Patricia A. McCullough noted in the Commonwealth Court’s opinion, a game warden cited hunter Joshua Redovan after Redovan himself called in a complaint that someone else was using corn as bait near his tree stand.

The warden didn’t tape off the area where the corn was found to warn hunters that it was off limits, as required by state law, McCullough added. Nor, she wrote, did prosecutors prove Redovan actually was violating the law because his tree stand was 70 yards away from the…

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Study shows hunting cougars increases conflicts with humans, doesn’t protect livestock

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February 18, 2020
John Laundré, Ph.D.,Western Oregon University, 315-529-3759, launjohn@hotmail.com
Brooks Fahy, Predator Defense, 541-520-6003, brooks@predatordefense.org
Wildlife agencies’ claims about need to kill cougars to control populations, increase deer supply, also not supported by peer-reviewed science
EUGENE, OR – Since the 1970s, when cougars (aka pumas or mountain lions) were declared a game species, state wildlife agencies in 10 western states have allowed tens of thousands to be killed by sport hunters. Kill numbers have increased over time, with currently over 3,200 cougars slaughtered each year. Wildlife managers have long argued that sport hunting is necessary to control cougars’ numbers, reduce the risk of attacks on humans, protect livestock, and augment deer herds for hunters. But a newly released, peer-reviewed study that tested the effectiveness of this practice shows the opposite to be true.
Published this month in PLOS ONE, the study is titled “The elephant in the room: What can…

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The Trump Administration Is Cutting Back Protections for Migratory Birds

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The Trump administration has proposed a new regulation on protecting migratory birds that is a drastic pullback from policies in force for the past 100 years. The draft rule is open for public comment through March 19.

In 1916, amid the chaos of World War I, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and King George V of Great Britain signed the Migratory Bird Treaty. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) wrote the treaty into U.S. law two years later. These measures protected more than 1,100 migratory bird species by making it illegal to pursue, hunt, take, capture, kill or sell live or dead birds, feathers, eggs and nests, except as allowed by permit or regulated hunting.

This bold move was prompted by…

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Fact-checking Tom Cotton’s claims about the coronavirus

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Washington (CNN)Over the weekend, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton came under fire for a series of comments and tweets on the coronavirus. On Fox News Sunday morning, Cotton suggested the virus did not originate in an animal market as the Chinese government has claimed, but perhaps from another source, such as an infectious disease research lab nearby. While acknowledging there’s no evidence the disease originated there, Cotton questioned the validity of China’s statements, saying “China was lying from the beginning, and they’re still lying today.”

Cotton’s theory is one of many that have been floating around as China and other countries aim to get a handle on the outbreak. Here’s what we know about the coronavirus.

The origins

After his…

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