Billings man killed in hunting accident near Virginia City

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VIRGINIA CITY– Madison County Undersheriff Phil Fortner released the identity of a hunter that was accidentally shot and killed earlier this month.

The victim, 50-year-old Michael Drexler of Billings, died Nov. 2 after he was accidentally shot by another person in his party while elk hunting near Wigwam Creek south of Virginia City.

The incident remains under investigation, but officials don’t suspect foul play.

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Tell Gov. Inslee there is no need for his wolf slaughter.  There are simply places in Washington where cows should not be.

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The picture above was taken in the core territory of the Profanity Peak wolf pack, which Washington wildlife managers destroyed in 2016 after a rancher dumped his cows to graze near the wolves’ den and rendezvous sites. As you can see, the terrain is essentially indefensible. It is rugged, forested and remote. It is no place for cows.

Seventeen of the 22 wolves killed to date in Washington State were killed on behalf of this one rancher, Len McIrvin, who refuses to follow science-based, common sense measures to protect his cattle. Other ranchers have had great success in preventing losses. For starters, they are not dumping them in the heart of wolf territory.

But McIrvin, who has been overheard expressing his hatred for wolves, apparently doesn’t believe they deserve a place to live in peace, except perhaps in zoos? He does believe his cattle should be able to graze on…

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4 Lies DTSC Told You About The #WoolseyFire

The Extinction Chronicles

by Melissa Bumstead
Los Angeles, CA

NOV 14, 2018 — 

DTSC Lie #1: “The Woolsey Fire, which burned 93,000 acres and hundreds of homes to the ground, started near one of America’s worst nuclear meltdowns, the Santa Susana Field Lab (also known as Rocketdyne).”

TRUTH #1: The fire started at Santa Susana, not just near it.This photo was taken shortly after the Woolsey Fire began near the Rocky Peak/Bel Canyon areas. Cal Fire states that it was dispatched from “E Street and Alfa Road”, which is only accessible by driving through the Santa Susana Field Lab, it is ON the lab land.

DTSC Lie #2: “We don’t have any idea how the fire started.”

TRUTH #2: An incident report from Edison Electric Company was made right next to the start of the fire, just minutes before it reportedly started. The incident was reported at the…

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20 YEARS AGO ON NOVEMBER 14: Hunting mishaps injure four men

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Clay County Sheriff

Four people were treated at the Clay County Medical Center following separate hunting-related accidents today.

Sheriff Gary Caldwell said the first incident occurred at the Robert Sanneman farm near Idana around 3 p.m. when a hunting had stopped to ask permission to hunt.

Bruce Esslinger, 37, Overland Park, Dennis Esslinger, 39 rural Clay Center, and Sanneman, 78, were struck by buckshot when former Clay County resident Jeff Pohlman laid his shotgun down inside the truck and it discharged through the side of the vehicle.

All three men were treated and released from the hospital.

Later, twoard the evening, Caldwell said Hoyt Hartner, 27, Clay Center, was struck in the chest when his brother Kenny’s shotgun fired after it was laid down on a wheelbarrow. The accident occurred as they were target shooting with blue rock at the Hartner farmstead southwest of town.

Hartner was treated and released the next…

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Climate change could affect human evolution. Here’s how.

The Extinction Chronicles

Global warming will likely alter the internal workings of our bodies — and cause a noticeable shift in our appearance.

Climate change could reduce racial differences, in part, by triggering massive migrations.Emilio Morenatti / AP file

By Scott Solomon

As climate change brings rising temperatures, droughts, shifting patterns of precipitation and longer growing seasons, plants and animals are evolving to keep pace.

Biologists have observed squirrels and salmon developing at an accelerated pace, causing them to reproduce at a younger age. Earlier summers have caused some flowers to bloom earlier in the year. And corals are forging new relationships with microscopic algae to survive in warmer, more acidic seas.

As the planet continues to warm, evolutionary changes are expected in other species as well — including Homo sapiensClimate changewill alter the internal workings of our bodies in subtle but significant ways and will likely…

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Climate change may be dissolving the ocean floor. Here’s why we should be worried.

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“Even at places on our planet where we have never set foot… there is a trace of human activity.”
Image: Aerial view of waves

It doesn’t just dissolve the seafloor: an acidifying ocean can also spell trouble for coral, shellfish, and other marine life.maurizio siani / Getty Images

By Shoshana Wodinsky

From heat waves to severe storms and wildfires, the effects of climate change are visible all around us — and new research suggests that the impact of a warming world extends all the way to the bottom of the ocean.

A study published Oct. 29 in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that high levels of carbon dioxide — the heat-trapping greenhouse gas that is a key contributor to Earth’s warming climate — have made parts of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean so acidic that the chalky white mineral that makes up the seafloor is…

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Victim And Shooter Identified In Johnson County Hunting Accident

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ark. (KFSM) — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission says a woman was shot and killed by a hunter in northern Johnson County on Sunday (Nov. 11).

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Tuesday (Nov. 13) that the victim was Jane Rust from Sparkman, Arkansas. The hunter has been identified by the sheriff’s office as Dale Williams.

Sherrif Larry Jones told 5NEWS the shooting is still under investigation and he’s still unclear if any charges will be filed.

The 72-year-old was shot in the Yale community of northern Johnson County on Sunday. The sheriff’s office says they received a call about the incident at approximately 1:43 p.m. and arrived on scene at 2:15 p.m.

Officials say Rust was with a relative and a friend when she stepped out of a…

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Montana hunter attacked by bear northwest of Columbia Falls

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  • Updated 
Black bears vs grizzly bears

A Montana man is recovering from a bear attack that occurred while he was hunting northwest of Columbia Falls.

KECI-TV reports the attack happened at about 9:25 Sunday morning.

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Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry says the victim and a second man were hunting when one of them was attacked. The victim was airlifted to Kalispell Regional Medical Center where he was in stable condition. The nature of his injuries was unknown.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials were investigating.

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Climate change damaging male fertility

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November 13, 2018, University of East Anglia
Climate change damaging male fertility
T. castaneum spermatozoon. Credit: University of East Anglia

Climate change could pose a threat to male fertility—according to new research from the University of East Anglia.

New findings published today in the journal Nature Communications reveal that heatwaves damage sperm in insects—with negative impacts for fertility across generations.

The research team say that male infertility during heatwaves could help to explain why climate change is having such an impact on species populations, including climate-related extinctions in recent years.

Research group leader Prof Matt Gage said: “We know that biodiversity is suffering under climate change, but the specific causes and sensitivities are hard to pin down.

“We’ve shown in this work that sperm function is an especially sensitive trait when the environment heats up, and in a model system representing a huge amount of global biodiversity.

“Since sperm function is essential for reproduction and…

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Missing Hunter Found Dead in Maine

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Missing Hunter Found Dead in Maine
Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife

Authorities announced Sunday that they had found a missing hunter from New Hampshire dead in Maine.

According to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, missing hunter Todd Babula, 59, of Portsmouth, was located deceased at approximately 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

He was found by a team of several game wardens doing a hasty search checking wooded areas for known tree stands he would use.

The area is heavily wooded and located north of the ITS 84 snowmobile trail located between Route 27 and Atwood Hill Road, officials said.

Woman, 93, Rescued From Camp Fire by Her Garbageman

[NATL] Woman, 93, Rescued From Camp Fire by Her Garbageman

Margaret Newsum, 93, had no idea that the Camp Fire was rapidly approaching her Magalia home until her caretaker left for the day and…

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