Russian Permit of Passage for the Winter Bay is a Dark Day for North Atlantic Whales



Paul Thompson 2/8/15

As the Winter Bay slipped out of Tromso this afternoon heading north there was confusion about whether the Russian Government was allowing passage of the vessel with its 1700 tonnes of endangered Fin whale meat through Russian waters to Japan. Clarification has now ben provided and its confirmed that a Russian Permit has been granted allowing passage through the waters of the Northen Sea Route from West to East and return East to West. This in effect establishes a “safe” trade route of whale products from the North Atlantic whaling nations of Iceland and Noway through to Japan and is a dark day for Fin and Minke whales in the northern hemisphere.

Ice conditions from the latest satellite data would indicate that conditions may be suitable for the vessel to pass despite the fact it is only single hulled and contact with ice could have serious consequences for the structural integrity of the vessel

Dr. Palmer Should Die

For the crimes he committed against Cecil the half-tame Lion—luring, baiting, impaling and pursuing him for 40 long hours. For being a sadistic, narcissistic, psychopathic bow-hunter willing to put another sentient animal through sheer hell for a trophy, Walter Palmer DDS should die. And his accomplices—the guides, along with whoever shot another lion today–should join him on the gallows.

They should all be dragged into a court of law and sentenced to death ASAP. But unfortunately, that won’t happen. Walter Palmer and his ilk, his cohorts in crime, will probably live out their long lives and get off with a slap on the wrist; a fine, a public service sentence and possibly have their hunting licenses revoked for a while.

Why? Because they’re human beings—the most sacred of God’s creatures; the pinnacles of evolution and the reason it’s all here (sarcasm intended)—and a lion is just a lion. An animal: ours to do with as we see fit.

It’s the self-imposed law of the land, and there’ll be no justice for animals as long as speciesism rules.

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Cecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, is also illegally killed in Zimbabwe …

CNN  – ‎31 minutes ago‎
(CNN) The brother of slain Cecil the lion, named Jericho, was killed Saturday in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, a senior park official told CNN.

Cecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, is also illegally killed in Zimbabwe, official says

Updated 3:28 PM ET, Sat August 1, 2015

(CNN)The brother of slain Cecil the lion, named Jericho, was killed Saturday in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, a senior park official told CNN.

Jericho was gunned down by a hunter operating illegally, said Johnny Rodrigues, head of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

Cecil was also killed illegally, provoking an international outrage because he was a protected animal, and Zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of American dentist Walter Palmer on accusations that he and others illegally hunted the lion, authorities said.

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Cecil the Lion’s brother, ‘Jericho,’ killed by hunter 

Cecil the Lion’s brother, ‘Jericho,’ killed by hunter 04:57

“It is with huge disgust and sadness that we have just been informed that Jericho, Cecil’s brother has been killed at 4pm today,” Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said Saturday on Facebook.

“We are absolutely heart broken,” the Task Force added.

Jericho was considered to be caring for and defending Cecil’s cubs, but the survivability of those cubs wasn’t immediately clear in the aftermath of Jericho’s death.

Some of the cubs may have been Jericho’s, said David Macdonald, director of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, who has been studying Cecil.

Male coalitions, often between brothers, oversee prides of females in lion society and protect the prides from threats posed by outsider male lions, the scientist said.

Opinion: Can Zimbabwe have lion’s killer extradited?

A Lion Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy


That’s a loose adaptation of Ingrid Newkirk’s famous saying. Translation: in terms of being capable of suffering and having a will to live, we’re all created pretty much equal.

But the other night, when I shared Vegan Outreach’s post, “I Am Cecil,” one reader was troubled by its perceived message that seems to compare an endangered, charismatic predator to a factory-farmed pig.

I can understand both sides. Wildlife advocates are screaming for blood, in a war cry heard round the world, while animal-rights activists are hoping to harness the outrage that people are feeling over the abuses suffered by this beloved lion. On one hand there’s Cecil the lion, who was hit with an arrow and pursued for forty hours before finally being shot, decapitated and skinned. At the same time—each and every day—animals by the billions suffer endlessly on factory farms and almost no one seems to care or pay them any mind.

I’ve seen this kind of situation before. Back in 1999, members of Washington’s Makah Tribe were planning a trophy hunt of their own. Their target? An innocuous grey whale.2003875881-300x0 Long story short, much to the dismay of whale advocates, a “sacrificial” whale was shot with a fifty caliber elephant gun. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Midwest, millions of chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys, etc. were in effect sacrificed as well by people who had never heard of the Makah’s or seen a grey whale.

The only good I can think of that came out of the whole bit of ugliness was, after considering the hypocrisy of advocating for one species of animal while still eating others, my wife and I swore off meat and have been vegan ever since. As a result of 16 years of veganism (times 2), thousands of animals have been spared the horrors of factory farming.

Of course I’d love to see the uproar over Cecil become the final death knell for trophy hunting that wrenches control of wildlife from the hands of hunters and their government apologists. But, while we’re waiting, concerned people can actively end a lot of animal suffering every time they pass a drive-through window or a sit-down steak house restaurant. And folks who make the ethical switch to a plant-based diet would not likely be inclined to pay $50,000 for the sick thrill of killing a lion with an arrow.

Ted Nugent Posts Photo of Himself with a Lion Carcass


By Brian Ives

Ted Nugent is at it again.

The “Motor City Madman” and scourge to animal rights activists everywhere just posted a photo to his Facebook page showing him over a lion who he had, apparently, just killed in a hunt. He refers to it as “Fernando the lion” and says it is “Cecil’s great great grandpa.”

In the photo, he is sitting on the carcass, saying “this pure natural legal proper scientificaly [sic] sound necessary hunt like all hunts was pure SPORT TROPHY MEAT FUN.”

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As he noted to in a recent interview, it his his stance that animals must be hunted in order to keep the population under control.

He also says, “Every sacred precious [sic] part of this animal was utilized. We hired 40 people on the safari, shared the meat, claws, skull, sinew, body fluids, teeth, blood, organs, skin, hair, tongue, eyeballs & each & every hard earned resource this magnificent RENEWABLE resource provided while bringing in critical massive revenues to the local economy while making room for new lions to be born & bringing value to valuable creatures.” However, he doesn’t address that Cecil was killed and his head taken as a trophy, but none of the rest of the carcass was used at all. According to CBS News, Cecil was found beheaded and skinned. Additionally, Animal Planet’s predator expert David Salmoni explained to CBS News that Cecil had six cubs who will now probably be killed by a male lion from another group of lions.

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And the hunt that resulted in Cecil’s death was, in fact, not legal, at least according to the Zimbabwean government who arrested the hunting guide and land owner who were allegedly involved in the incident. 

And now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking for the American who paid north of $50,000 for he privilege of killing the lion. “The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is investigating the circumstances surrounding the killing of ‘Cecil the lion.’ That investigation will take us wherever the facts lead,” said Edward Grace, the agency’s deputy chief of law enforcement, in the statement (via Huffington Post).

This Is How Many Animals Were Killed in Zimbabwe in the Last 20 Years

Originally posted on TIME:

The death of Cecil the lion at the hands of pilloried dentist Walter Palmer has sparked worldwide outrage, with virtual mobs tanking Palmer’s Yelp ratings, real mobs leaving angry messages at his office, and activists and celebrities alike calling for his metaphorical (or literal) head. But the tragic death of one lion belies a much more widespread and serious problem affecting wildlife in Zimbabwe.

The landlocked, southern African nation is one of the hardest-hit places on the continent when it comes to the killing of big game, both legal and illegal. It is a country where, Slate reports, “hunters exported 49 lion trophies in 2013 alone” and where, since Cecil’s death “it’s likely that at least a dozen other lions have been shot by trophy hunters.”A 2013 study in the journal Public Library of Science estimates that 96 lions were hunted per year between 1996 and 2006 in the…

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Texas Man Hurt When Bullet Ricochets Off Armadillo He Tried To Shoot


The man shot at the armadillo just before 3 a.m. on Thursday after seeing it on the freeway in the town of Marietta, Texas, according to Cass County Sheriff official.

The bullet ricocheted back at his head. The man was treated for minor injuries. Local reports are unclear as to the condition of the armadillo.

This was the second armadillo-shooting-followed-by-ricochet of the year. The first, in Georgia in April, injured the shooter’s mother-in-law. The man shot the armadillo, the bullet bounced and then passed through a fence and into her mobile home while she sat in a recliner. Her injuries were minor but the armadillo did not survive.


Jimmy Kimmel’s Plea for Cecil the Lion Leads to More than $150,000 in Donations

Originally posted on TIME:

When late night host Jimmy Kimmel made an emotional plea on his show on Tuesday night that the death of 13-year-old Zimbabwean lion Cecil not be in vain, an outpouring of support was to be expected, but the magnitude of that generosity proved remarkable.

According to The Wrap, Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit—whose website was flashed on the screen for 25 seconds at the end of Kimmel’s segment on Cecil the Lion—netted more than $150,000 donations from 2,600 people in less than 24 hours. The unit had been responsible for tracking Cecil’s whereabouts until his untimely demise.

“Jimmy Kimmel implored his millions of listeners in the U.S.A. to make donations to support our work on lions, and conservation more widely,” Wildlife Conservation Research Unit director David McDonald said on the organization’s website. “We are so grateful for this and for the up-welling of support for our work worldwide.”


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