Duck Dynasty Gun Ads: Blowing A Duck’s Head Off Makes Phil Robertson Happy

Duck Dynasty Gun Ads: Blowing A Duck’s Head Off Makes Phil Robertson Happy

The Connecticut based weapons manufacturer Mossberg & Sons announced a partnership with the self-proclaimed “rednecks” Duck Dynasty last summer to sell a line of 12 DD themed weapons. The weapons are coated in camouflage and have the words “Faith. Family. Ducks.” displayed on them.

A series of ads featuring the Duck patriarch, Phil Robertson, aired right before Robertson made anti-LGBT and racist comments in a December GQ interview.

In one of the ads, two of the DD sons prepare to kill ducks as Father Phil recites the opening lines from the Constitution.

 “Those are rights that no government can take from you to live, be free and pursue happiness,” Robertson says in a voice-over. “You know what makes me happy, ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off.”

In addition to the DD weapons that kill ducks dead, Mossberg’s website also advertises .22 caliber weapons that are “perfect for small game, plinking (and) target shooting – or cleaning cottonmouths out of your duck blind.”

Of course no Duck Dynasty weapon advertisement would be prudent without utilizing a biblical reference: “Where there is a design, there is a designer. We were designed to kill ducks.”

The DD themed weapon collection also includes military-style designs with large capacity magazines that hold at least 25 rounds that are too powerful for small game. The entire line consists of nine different shotguns, as well as two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.

Mossberg says each gun will come with an American flag bandana.

After Papa Duck made his homophobic and racist comments in the GQ article, A&E announced the suspension of Robertson. Conservatives flipped out. Days later, Robertson was reinstated. …coughcoughpublicitystuntcoughcough….

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Nine Signs You’re at a Paul Ryan Rally

Nine Signs You’re at a Paul Ryan Rally:

9)  All the babies are in cammo diapers

8)  Senior citizens seen fleeing in mortal fear

7)  Secret service guys are the only ones carrying concealed weapons

6)  Has-beens, wanna-bes and never-weres (such as Ted Nugent and Kid Rock) are crowding the stage, hoping someone will recognize them

5)  Rapists are handing out cigars, in the tradition of proud fathers everywhere

4)  The candidate looks like a scary version of Eddie Munster

3)  Fang marks left on all the babies he’s kissed

2)  Instead of shaking hands with voters, Ryan is trading deer sausage recipes

1)  Some Bubba is going around bragging, “I bought my 10 year-old girl a rifle and I’m gonna teach her how to kill a deer this year!”—wait a minute, that’s the candidate!

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson