Police seize hundreds of roosters in illegal cockfighting investigation

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Police and RSPCA inspectors have seized 540 roosters in Sydney as part of an investigation into an illegal cockfighting ring.The birds were confiscated after a raid on a property at at Horsley Park in the city’s west yesterday.Authorities found more than 540 fighting cockerels, roosters and chickens, as well as cockfighting paraphernalia.READ MORE:Koala survives attack that left her with horrific injuries

NSW Police and RSPCA inspectors seized hundreds of roosters during the raid. (NSW Police)

A crime scene was set up and will be maintained at the property today while RSPCA inspectors safely remove the animals.A man was detained by police and spoken to at the property before being released.The operation was part of an extensive police investigation into animal cruelty offences in Sydney’s south-west.

Illegal cockfighting equipment was found during the raid in western Sydney. (NSW Police)

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Illegal cockfighting equipment was found during the raid in western Sydney. (NSW Police)

A 56-year-old man was taken into the custody of the Department of Home Affairs over his visa status, while 34 men were detained at the scene.The 34 men are next due to appear in court on April 1 over animal cruelty charges.Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 or at CrimeStoppers.com.au

A rooster stabbed a man to death with a knife during a cockfight

jgerstein@businessinsider.com (Julie Gerstein)  13 hrs ago

A rooster stabbed a man to death with a knife during a cockfight (msn.com)

How soon might you receive a $1,400 stimulus check?Sarah Lawrence student seen as cult victim is now chargeda person holding a bird: People place a knife to a rooster's leg before a cockfight at The Tampak Siring Temple in Bali, Indonesia on January 18, 2018. Cockfight is an old tradition in Balinese Hinduism. It is a part of the Tabuh Rah ritual, a religious purification to expel evil spirit through animal sacrifice via the blood of the roosters. Cockfights without a religious purpose are considered gambling in Indonesia. Mahendra Moonstar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images© Provided by INSIDER People place a knife to a rooster’s leg before a cockfight at The Tampak Siring Temple in Bali, Indonesia on January 18, 2018. Cockfight is an old tradition in Balinese Hinduism. It is a part of the Tabuh Rah ritual, a religious purification to expel evil spirit through animal sacrifice via the blood of the roosters. Cockfights without a religious purpose are considered gambling in Indonesia. Mahendra Moonstar/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

  • An Indian man died after being stabbed by a rooster he was training for cockfighting.
  • The rooster had been outfitted with a three-inch knife on its leg.
  • Though cockfighting is illegal in most countries, it continues to attract fans.
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A rooster fitted with a knife around its foot stabbed its owner to death during practice for an illegal cockfight in India.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

Thangulla Satish, 45, died of blood loss after the rooster repeatedly stabbed him in the groin with a three-inch knife that had been tied around the animal’s leg, according to the Associated Press

Satish was among 16 people organizing the cockfight in the village of Lothunur in the Indian state of Telegana, the AP reported.

Authorities are currently searching for the other 15 organizers, who could be charged with manslaughter. They each face up to two years in prison, according to Al-Jazeera

Animal rights activists say the sport is especially cruel because it takes advantage of the birds’ natural survival mechanisms in forcing them to fight.

To make matches gorier, some cockfighting trainers fit their birds with what’s known as a “gaff” – a long, dagger-like knife attached to the animal’s foot. Birds often will have many of their feathers plucked out before matches to make it more difficult for their opponents to attack, according to the ASPCA.

They are also sometimes drugged with methamphetamines to enhance their aggressiveness.

Even birds that win their matches often suffer injuries so severe that they, too, are killed. 

Despite India’s Supreme Court outlawing the practice in the 1960s, cockfighting continues to be popular in many of the country’s southern states.

In the US, cockfighting is considered a felony in 42 states, though federal authorities continue to regularly break up fighting rings around the country. In August of last year, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department busted a ring with more than 2,000 birds, USA Today reported.

Authorities in New York – in a 2014 sting they dubbed “Operation Angry Birds” – arrested more than 70 people and confiscated more than 3,000 birds, the New York Post reported

This is not the first time a bird handler has been killed by a gamecock. Last year, a 55-year-old Indian man from Andhra Pradesh died after a gamecock slashed him in the neck and abdomen during a match held to mark the Hindu festival of Makar Sankranti. And in 2018, a 34-year-old man from Rajavaram, India, bled to death after a rooster gaff pierced his thigh and testicles. 

Cockfighting roosters can be rehabilitated

illustration of a rooster crowing
Illustration By: Barry Kent MacKay

Letter: Cockfighting roosters can be rehabilitated


UPC President Karen Davis’s Letter to the Editor appears Jan. 15, 2021, in Voices of Monterey Bay, a nonprofit online news source serving California’s Central Coast. The letter is a response to “Quieting the rooster chorus,” by Royal Calkins, Jan. 10, 2021 regarding the response of Monterey County officials to the campaign by SHARK & HFA to crush illegal cockfighting in the county.

To the Editor:

Thank you for covering this important milestone in the effort to eliminate illegal cockfighting in Monterey County (and elsewhere). Contrary to the claims of cockfighters, roosters bred for cockfighting are not born surrogates for their trainers. Roosters rescued from cockfighters can usually be rehabilitated to live like normal chickens with their hens in a place where they lose their fear of abuse and enjoy foraging in the soil, sunbathing, dustbathing, perching in trees, and socializing as Nature intended. We currently have four roosters rescued from cockfighting operations in our predator-proof outdoor aviary in Virginia. Over the years we’ve adopted roosters from raids in Mississippi, Alabama, and Virginia.

I hope this new task force will effectively curb staged cockfights in Monterey County. Studies of feral chickens, such as the McBride study of flocks off the coast of Queensland, Australia in the 1960s, report that roosters are busy foraging, raising their families, and keeping an eye out for predators: “No serious fights were observed,” the McBride researchers wrote. (McBride, G., et al. 1969. “The Social Organization and Behaviour of the Feral Domestic Fowl,” Animal Behaviour Monograph, pp. 127-181.)

Thank you for your attention.

Karen Davis
United Poultry Concerns

To learn more, visit
UPC’s Cockfighting page

Man dies after rooster attacks him on the way to a cockfight

Man dies after being attacked by his rooster on the way to a cockfight (MGN)<p>{/p}

A man in India died after he got into a fight with his rooster while they were on the way to a cockfight, according to CNN.

Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao, 50, was struck in the neck with a blade tied to the rooster’s claw, according to the report. A police spokesman told CNN the father of three was taken to hospital, where he later died from a stroke.

Rao was on his way to enter the rooster in a competition when it tried to break free, which led to the struggle. Cockfighting is illegal in India.

The cockfight went on as scheduled without any arrests, officer Kranti Kumar told CNN.

Cockfights off as bird flu hits Pampanga

 / 05:19 AM August 23, 2017

GUAGUA, Pampanga — Rolando Regala went to a cockpit arena in Barangay San Roque here on Tuesday and learned there was going to be no “soltada” (derby) for the day. Holding a neighbor’s stag (7 to 8 month old game fowl) which was put in his care, Regala checked out the empty “gradas” (cockpit).

“‘Kristo’ (bet takers) like me won’t get to earn today, like last Saturday,” said the 40-year-old father of three. He earns around P1,000 during derbies on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from commissions handed out by winning players.

Regala’s source of income was affected when owners or operators of 16 cockpit arenas in Pampanga province complied with a local ordinance that banned all cockfights, bird exhibits and other sporting activities for two weeks as a precaution against the avian flu outbreak in San Luis

The ordinance cited the need to “prevent or lessen the possible adverse effect on the local economy, ensure public health, safety and general welfare of the people of Pampanga.”

“I understand why the cockfights have to be suspended. It’s good to be on the side of prevention,” Regala said.

To stave off hunger, Regala sent his wife and children to his in-laws. For the meantime, he planned to work as a parking attendant.

Around 200 bet takers in western Pampanga are in the same predicament.

Albert Celso, 44, borrowed money from relatives. “I hope the ban [on cockfights] won’t be extended to a month. We will die of hunger,” he said.

Victor Gopez has not earned the P400 he gets from each winning player as a “manari,” or one who installs blades on fighting cocks.

“I heard the bird flu outbreak in San Luis has been handled properly. It did not spread to game fowls so I think cockfights should resume,” Gopez said.

Gambling or hobby money not circulating in the local economy can amount to millions of pesos. The Bacolor cockpit arena alone draws as many as 1,000 players. If each player has P10,000 to bet, a cockpit loses P10 million for a day of derbies.

Also on the losing end are feed millers, food vendors, canteen operators, utility workers, “llamador” (bet listers), “kasador” (handlers of large bets) and matchmakers. Also affected were workers in “bularit” or illegal cockpits in villages.

For example, Amelita Ganzon, 67, was unable to earn P200 from selling cigarettes and coffee at the cockpit arena in San Roque.

Bacolor Mayor Jomar Hizon, also president of the Kapampangan Game Fowl Breeders (KGBA), said a general assembly on Aug. 20 showed that no stocks from his group’s 300 members had been infected by the avian flu. KGBA employs more than 900 people.

“But we realize this can ruin the entire cockfighting industry. We have to put in place standards in biosecurity,” said Hizon, who has been breeding fighting cocks since he was 17.

If each farm breeds 1,000 cocks sold at a minimum of P6,000 each, the 300 KGBA members could face losses of up to P180 million on birds alone, or even P500 million when expenses in breeding stocks, fees and operational costs are added, Hizon said.

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Philippine Cockfighters, Gamefowl Breeders Warned About Bird Flu


Gamefowl breeders warned vs. bird flu

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena yesterday advised gamefowl breeders and cockfighting aficionados to take extra precautions against bird flu contamination that would gravely affect the province’s multi-billion industry.

Those engaged in the gamefowl industry should avoid bird flu positive areas, such as China, he said, pointing out that Avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, is a highly infectious viral disease of birds.

Gamefowl breeders and cockfighting aficionados and members of their families who travel to bird flu positive areas, should not visit their fighting cock farms immediately upon their return to the country, he said.

They should stay away from their gamefowls for about three days, he said, to prevent the transmission of any virus they may have picked up in their travels.

Bird flu virus particles may be transferred through clothing, shoes and other belongings, Decena warned.

He also said visitors should also be kept at a distance from game fowls as a precaution.

The gamefowl population in Negros Occidental is valued at about P4 billion while materials such as feeds for their upkeep are estimated at P2 billion, he added.

Negros Occidental annually exports about 200,000 fighting cocks and if valued at an average of only P5,000 each would be P1 billion in sales, he said.

That is on top of the fighting cocks used for cockfights in Negros, he added.

Decena said his office is also keeping a close watch on areas that migratory birds visit in Negros Occidental, such as San Enrique and Himamaylan, for possible contamination of the local poultry industry.

He added that they conduct serum sampling every six months as a precaution.*CPG

Photo ©Jim Robertson

Photo ©Jim Robertson