Go Vegan or Die


On the tip of one my K2 Apache Outlaw skis is a sticker of a skull and crossbones with the shocking statement, “Go Vegan or Die.” That sentiment might seem mean-spirited unless taken as fair warning about the very real health risks associated with eating meat—such as the greatly increased risk of cancer.

Like the anti-smoking campaign slogan, “Quit Smoking or Die,” “Go Vegan or Die” is simply good advice for people seeking longevity. (Stone-age meat-eaters seldom lived past 30, after all.)

There’s also a less-charitable motive for the slogan on the sticker. Anybody who has been the victim of thoughtless mockery from a meat-eater for the selfless act of eschewing animal flesh would be tempted to use the slogan, “Go Vegan or Die,” as would anyone frustrated by the results of their futile attempts to help others see that animal slaughter is cruelty and humans can live quite happily on a plant-based diet—sans the complicity in causing animal suffering.

Indeed, “Go Vegan or Die” could be a message to Homo sapiens that if they don’t want to exceed their carrying capacity, and ultimately join the list of species headed for extinction, they must change their murderous ways.

Displayed on the left-hand column of the home page of my wildlife photography site, “Animals in the Wild,” is a kill counter that continually adds to the ever-growing list of animals slaughtered for the sake of human hedonism.

If you ever need a starkly chilling reminder of why someone might utter the shocking slogan, “Go Vegan or Die,” stop in for a visit and watch how fast the numbers fly…


Animals Slaughtered:

Number of animals killed in the world by the fishing, meat, dairy and egg industries, since you opened this webpage.

1,516,838 marine animals
773,503 chickens
38,123 ducks
20,966 pigs
14,444 rabbits
11,646 turkeys
8,983 geese
8,680 sheep
5,815 goats
4,921 cows / calves
1,095 rodents
1,062 pigeons / other birds
388 buffaloes
270 dogs
67 cats
67 horses
51 donkeys and mules
34 camels / camelids

View in real-time here.

Factory Farm 360



Last Chance for Animals (LCA)
February 2015

The first interactive, 360-degree video of animal life on factory farms. Brought to you by LCA’s Sam Simon Special Investigations Unit.

WATCH THE TRUTH about Pig Farms


  • On a factory farm, a breeding pig spends most of her life in a gestation crate too small for her to turn around in. The confinement is maddening; pigs bite on the bars until their mouths are sore and bloody.
  • After about four months, the mother is moved to a small, filthy maternity crate, where she will give birth and nurse her babies.
  • The piglets’ back teeth are cut with pliers, and their tails are clipped. The males are castrated with no anesthetic, so the meat tastes more pleasing to consumers.
  • Many piglets die of infection, or are crushed to death by their mother because her movement is so restricted. Dead piglets are gutted, and their intestines fed to mother pigs in an effort to immunize them from disease. After just weeks, the surviving piglets will be taken away and the mother re-impregnated.
  • These facilities are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria like salmonella, so pigs are given steady doses of antibiotics, spawning antibiotic-resistant germs.
  • Workers deface the pigs’ bodies with spray paint to mark their status, like whether they’re pregnant or that it’s time for them to die. Some workers have spray-painted “kill” or “die” right on animals’ backs.
  • Nearly all pork at grocery stores and restaurants in the U.S. – including bacon, ham and pork sausage – comes from these farms, where the pigs endure excruciating suffering every day of their lives.
  • You can help end this torture by choosing cruelty-free meatless options instead of pork.

WATCH THE TRUTH about Free-Range Egg Farms


  • This is a “free range” egg farm, but these hens are far from free. They know only concrete and metal, and beneath the grating under their feet sits piles of urine and manure.
  •  Dead hens rot among the living, spreading their disease.
  • All of these hens’ brothers were killed the day they were born, because to the egg industry, they are worthless.
  • In the U.S., no government-regulated standards exist for “free range” farms. Hens may go outside for just minutes a day. Some birds never even get outdoors, because access is blocked by the crowds.
  • The crowding and filth create a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, making both birds and humans sick.
  • This is cruel, and it’s happening right now to hens all over the world. Help end their suffering by choosing plant-based alternatives to eggs and other animal products. Together, we can stop farm cruelty.

WATCH THE TRUTH about “Broiler” Chicken Farms


  • You are in a room of thousands of other “broiler” chickens, where you will spend your entire life never seeing sunlight.
  • Beneath you is a sludge of litter, urine and manure; it has so much ammonia, it’s burning your feathers off, so your chest is sore and bald.
  • You’ve been bred for constant hunger, and the lights are on all night to keep you awake and eating.
  • You’re so obese, you cannot stand (If you were a 10-year-old child, you’d weigh 500 pounds by now).
  • You probably have salmonella or another sickening bacteria, spawned from the overcrowding and filth.
  • Sound like torture? It is. And it’s reality for chickens found at nearly all stores and restaurants in the U.S.
Rescued Chicken--Pigs' Pease Sanctuary

Rescued Chicken–Pigs’ Pease Sanctuary

Four Minutes of “Pigman” Ted, Evil Incarnate

68439_10151399495155861_1116657731_nAlways known about the infamous Ted Nugent, but by reputation only? Never had the displeasure of seeing him in action? Here’s your chance.

This is a 4 minute compilation of Nugent and his cronies killing 100 animals on different continents, with bullets and arrows, and machine guns from a helicopter, in the blood-orgy that is their way of life.

[Watch as much as of him as you can stomach–I lasted about 4 seconds.]:

‘Prince William HAS to stop being a hypocrite – especially when it comes to animal cruelty’



Prince William has attacked the Chinese for their animal cruelty, but has he got any right to criticise, asks Mirror columnist Brian Reade  ….

Speaking at the World Bank on Monday, Prince William attacked them for their role in wildlife crime, accusing them of being major players in “one of the most insidious forms of corruption in the world” which is done to satisfy man’s “craving for trinkets.”

Words that leave the future monarch wide open to accusations of hypocrisy (and I’m not merely talking about having a dad who parades more trinkets on his chest than the worst tin-pot dictator.)

Because this is someone who, in February, went with his brother to the Duke of Westminster’s 37,000-acre hunting estate in Spain to shoot wild boar and stag.

On a previous visit to his godfather’s Spanish killing fields, the princes were said to have bagged 740 partridge in a day.

His defenders argue William was speaking for endangered species, not the plentiful ones.

But is he so thick he can’t grasp that species tend to become endangered after man has killed so many few are left?

I’ll answer that for you. Yes he is thick. He also comes from a family of animal-slayers.

In 2004 his brother was photographed grinning widely, in Argentina, over the body of a one-tonne water buffalo moments after he’d killed it.

Harry loves big game hunting, just like grandfather Philip, who, despite being a former World Wildlife Fund president, has been known to shoot tigers and crocodiles in India/

And closer to home, in a couple of weeks, the whole clan will walk off their sprouts around the Sandringham estate, blowing birds out of the sky, for no other reason than they can.

If I were the China Daily cartoonist, after I’d finished with the CIA, I’d have sketched a chinless wonder pointing a smoking gun at a wild boar with blood running from its guts spelling out the words “Do as I say not as I do…”

If I were a photo-journalist on that paper I’d be asking my editor to send me to Sandringham to film the hypocrites in all their blood-lusting glory, and then ask: “Is it OK to sadistically kill wild beasts if it’s on one’s own land, or one’s rich friend’s land? And if it’s for fun?”

I know the Royals are led to believe they rule us by divine decree, but who toldthem they also have the right to decide which creatures get to exist and which ones don’t.

As an endangered species themselves, you think they’d be more careful.

Should shooting animals for sport be banned?


Charges OK’d against hunters accused of videotaping dogs mauling a coyote, hitting another with a truck


   Hunter orders hounds to attack wounded coyoteWARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – Hunter in Gogebic County records video of hound dogs attacking a wounded coyote. The original six minute video that was posted on YouTube has since been taken down.This video was edited for time consideration.

By John Barnes | jbarnes1@mlive.com MLive.com
on January 15, 2015 at 6:31 AM, updated January 15, 2015 at 9:05 AM

Criminal charges have been authorized against two Upper Peninsula hunters accused of urging hunting dogs to attack a wounded coyote and videotaping the squealing animal, court records show.

The hunters also were investigated after both allegedly videotaped a wounded coyote deliberately hit by one of the hunters’ truck, an MLive.com Freedom of Information Act request found.

Both incidents were witnessed by one of the men’s 12-year-old son, according to records.

The two men, both from Ironwood, face felony and misdemeanor charges.

coyote attack.jpgTwo men face felony charges for allegedly ordering hunting dogs to attack a wounded coyote. Video of the attack was uploaded to YouTube.

One hunter, 45, faces one count of killing/torturing animals, a four-year felony. The hunter also faces four misdemeanor counts: general violation of wildlife conservation, two counts of abandonment/cruelty to an animal, and taking game from a vehicle. Penalties range from 90 to 93 days in jail.

The second hunter, 34, also faces one felony count of killing/torturing animals and one misdemeanor count of abandonment/cruelty to an animal.

The hunters have been under investigation for videotaping three hunting dogs mauling a coyote one had shot. They also were being investigated for running down a coyote with a truck, then videotaping the injured animal before killing it.

The allegations are detailed in court records MLive.com obtained in August. The documents detail videotapes that had been uploaded to YouTube by one of the men. They have since been taken down, though copies exist.

In one video uploaded Feb. 20 and titled “Hounds Fight Wounded Yote,” hunting dogs Doc, Duke, and Cooter bound through snow toward the mature coyote. Already shot and wounded, according to the video narrator, the coyote lies nearly motionless in the thigh-high drifts. Its eyes blink.

“This is going to be some live action,” the man says as he aims the video camera. “There he his. There he is. Get him, Doc. Get him. … We’re going to get Cooter in here. He’s a machine.”

High-pitched wails punctuate the wooded silence. The coyote is near death at the end.
The second YouTube video was allegedly taped by one of the hunters after his truck was used to strike the animal in the road, authorities said.

The video, called “Yota kills a Yote,” was found during a search of the videographer’s home on May 12, and was taped in Ironwood Township, records state.

“The coyote was struck with a motor vehicle on purpose and left to lay alive in the road after it was videoed for minutes before killing it,” Conservation Officer Grant Emery wrote in the sworn affidavit.

Later, in a separate document, Emery wrote, “The coyote in the video that had been run over by (the hunter’s) vehicle was lying in the road, still alive, and it takes several minutes of talking and videoing before the animal is killed,” according to court documents.

Eventually, the videographer handed the camera to his friend, who began taping. The first man took the revolver “and dispatched the coyote,” Emery wrote.

The cases were investigated by the law enforcement division of the Department of Natural Resources.

Arraignment of the men could happen as soon as Monday in Gogebic County District Court.

– Email statewide projects coordinator John Barnes at jbarnes1@mlive.com or follow him on Twitter.

Hung and Christmas-decorated coyote stirs outrage

Hung and Christmas-decorated coyote stirs outrage

Posted by Ted McDermott on Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 4:42 PM

Earlier this week, Christine Svoboda was driving from her home in Thompson Falls to Plains when she caught sight of something strange and disturbing on the side of River Road, near the Sanders County Fairgrounds: a coyote, hanging by its ankle from a tree, with a red Christmas bow. She initially thought it was a wolf.


  • Christine Svoboda

“I was mortified by it,” Svoboda says. “I like wildlife. I moved to Montana, because I love living among nature, and then you see sad things. It’s cruelty to animals, is what it is. It’s very disrespectful to animals.”

Sanders County Commissioner Carol Brooker, who represents the Plains area, says she doesn’t know a lot about the offending coyote, but she does know Svoboda isn’t the only one alarmed by bizarre decoration. According to Brooker, River Road is the second busiest thoroughfare in the county. Its traffic, she says, regularly includes school buses.

“It’s really unnerved a lot of people,” Brooker says.

While Brooker says there is an old ranching tradition of hanging dead coyotes to ward off other coyotes from vulnerable livestock, she doesn’t believe this to be the intention in this case.

“This particular place that this is hanging, I don’t think they have any livestock,” Brooker says, adding that the animal is in a yard, not on a ranch.

According to Brooker, the Sander County Sheriff’s Department is aware of the coyote but is unable to do anything about it, since it’s on private property. As for Svoboda, she says she took photos of the hung animal in an attempt to raise awareness.

“I thought maybe I would try to just let them know that somebody knows, that somebody saw it, and maybe it’s not okay to do that,”


A mass shooting every 3 weeks

October 27, 2014



Danny Westneat


A mass shooting every 3 weeks: We don’t have to live like this

The chairman of the stricken Tulalip Tribes, a community filled with family of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School gunman, summed up how we deal with mass shootings.

The massacre of 20 first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut nearly two years ago didn’t prompt us to do much about our gun-violence disease. We didn’t even admit we’re sick.

So another school shooting, as wrenching as it is because it happened right here at Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Friday, seems unlikely to prompt more than the typical cycle of grieve, shrug and move on that has become a hallmark of the American mass-shooting culture.

When shootings happen elsewhere, “We can always say that we watch it on TV,” said Herman Williams, chairman of the Tulalip Tribes, a community in which the shooter’s family is prominent. “But, my, here it comes walking in our door.”

Yes, here it came. Again.

It may be futile, but it’s worth saying — again — that we don’t have to live like this. Shootings can and do occur all over the world. But no first-world country tolerates them like we do. No society just watches them on TV. And in no other country do public shootings repeat as regularly as the weather, as they do here.

When you first saw that telltale helicopter footage of terrified kids running onto the athletic fields Friday, it’s understandable if your reaction was to groan, “Here we go again.” Because it’s not your imagination: Large-scale public shootings like this one are on the rise (even as overall gun crime is down).

Last month the FBI, no left-wing gun-control group, released new data that got almost no attention in our gun-crazy land. It focused on exactly the kind of shooting that happened Friday — in which someone whips out a gun and starts shooting up a crowded public place. The FBI wanted to separate those public shootings from more typical criminal mass murders, such as gang killings or in-home domestic violence killings. So the FBI looked at what it calls “active shooter incidents,” meaning when someone just opens fire in public.

What it found is that active shooting incidents are becoming far more common.

They are still rare, obviously. But they now happen in the U.S. once every three weeks or so. As recently as the early 2000s, they happened only once every 10 weeks — meaning they are now three times more common.

In a report published this month,researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health examined mass shootings, defined as public shootings in which four or more people died. They found these shootings are happening three times more often, since 2011 than they did during the 30-year period before that.

The Northwest has become a big contributor to this demoralizing trend. We have had three school shootings just this year — at Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Friday, at Reynolds High School in Oregon in June and at Seattle Pacific University, also in June. For 2014, we are, suddenly, the school-shooting capital.

There are no easy answers to any of this. The gun folks are at least partially right — gun control likely will be ineffective, especially at first, at preventing mass shootings. The gun Jaylen Fryberg used to kill one classmate and severely wound four others was legally acquired, according to the ATF (though it was illegal for him to be carrying it in school).

With as many guns in America as people, measures such as expanding background checks, banning assault weapons or increased licensing or training for gun ownership could take years, even generations, to have an effect.

But many other countries have done it anyway. After spree shootings, they take mass societal and governmental steps that say, “This will not be repeated.” They aren’t perfect, but they help. Only America, among first-world nations, sits back and waits for the next tragedy to come knocking.

The Tulalip Tribes’ chairman is right — what we do is we watch it on TV. It’s our way to gawk and share in the pain a little. But eventually we change the channel, until the next one comes walking in somebody else’s door. Which will be in about three weeks.

Talk About Double Standards

Predictably, ever since I posted about Jaylen Ray Fryberg, the teenager who went on a shooting rampage at a Washington State High School, killing a female student and wounding four others before killing himself, I’ve been getting comments stating that since the school shooter was a native, he was entitled to hunt for food (as though he came from an exceptionally poor household–which he did not). The fact that went completely over their heads was that having been taught to kill an animal like an elk at an early age made it easier for him to shoot his fellow humans. It was as though, to them, he was a saint, even though the news is now telling us he lured his victims to the lunchroom before shooting them.

“…On Friday, after texting five friends to invite them to lunch, he pulled out a handgun in the cafeteria and started shooting. The victims were Zoe R. Galasso, 14, who died at the scene; Gia Soriano, 14, who died at a hospital Sunday night; Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14, who remains in critical condition; and his two cousins, Nate Hatch, 14, and Andrew Fryberg, 15.

Andrew Fryberg also remained in critical condition. Hatch, who was shot in the jaw, is the only victim who has shown improvement. He was upgraded to satisfactory condition Monday in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center…”

If a non-native person murdered with such premeditation, people would be demanding to know what was wrong with him to behave that savagely. Or, he would just be considered evil (as perhaps he should).

I decided not to give the would-be commenters special treatment by approving their pro-hunting statements. Natives no longer live in the stone age or use primitive weapons, so why should they remain in the dark ages as far as their treatment of non-human animals? 

Talk about double standards.