Surveillance Video Leads Police to Couple Suspected of Burning Dog in West Haven

Court documents state the suspects claimed they were cremating the dog, but police said their investigation suggests otherwise.

Police made a second arrest Tuesday in a disturbing case involving dead dog was found burned at the Sandy Point Beach Parking lot after the 4th of July.

West Haven Police say 41-year-old Maurice Jackson was arrested Tuesday. He faces charges of open burning, breach of peace, and illegal dumping charges alongside his girlfriend, 34-year-old Latrice Moody. Moody was arrested Monday and is out of jail on $30,000 bond. She also faces an animal cruelty charge.

The couple claims they were cremating Moody’s dog.

In court documents, they say after their lengthy investigation “this type of behavior is not indicative of someone who wanted to cremate a beloved pet, but rather someone who wanted to simply dispose of an animal.”

1 Arrested in West Haven Dog Burning

[HAR] 1 Arrested in West Haven Dog Burning

Police have arrested the owner of a dog found dead and burned in at West Haven beach parking lot last month. They have an arrest warrant for a second person as well.

(Published Monday, Aug. 5, 2019)

NBC Connecticut obtained exclusive surveillance video from the Elm Street Citgo just after midnight on July 5.

According to arrest warrant documents, this is what led West Haven Police to Moody and Jackson.

Court documents describe what’s caught on camera. Police say Jackson is seen buying a gas can and then filling it up before driving away in Moody’s car.

While Moody first said her dog Brooklyn ran away, police said she eventually admitted to wrapping the approximately 8-year-old Yorkshire Terrier in a towel and lighting it on fire with gasoline leaving folks to find the disturbing burn scene when the sun rose.

Police say a post on Moody’s Facebook memorialized her dead dog on July 5.

“Yesterday after having the best 4th of July ever, I came home to find my Brooklyn called home to doggie heaven.”

Police ID Suspects in Death of Dog Set on Fire

[HAR] Police ID Suspects in Death of Dog Set on Fire

On Friday, police said they have identified two suspects in the animal cruelty, arson case and interviewed one of them. That person is cooperating with police.

(Published Friday, July 12, 2019)

“It makes me sick I have a dog, I would never. The people should burn like the dog burns,” said Christine Turcio of North Haven.

Those we spoke to at the West Haven gas station are glad cameras helped catch the suspected couple.

“A dog can’t talk back. I think when a person misuses someone like a dog or baby, I think it should be prosecuted very highly,” said Kelly Moye of New Haven.

As locals continue to memorialize the pooch alongside the shore, police say extensive lab testing showed the dog had extensive kidney, cardio vascular issues and a dislocated leg, leading police to believe Brooklyn was neglected in its life even before it died and was burned.

In court documents, Jackson’s parole officer even recalls visiting their home a month before the burn investigation and seeing animal that looked in pain as it was walking on the “knuckle” of it’s leg. Police say Jackson has an extensive criminal history.

We tried speaking with who we believe was Moody earlier in the day, but she drove away. According to court documents, police say she told them she didn’t know “if Brooklyn was really sick because she never brought the dog to the vet.”

Suspects in Death of Dog Set on Fire Identified: Police

[HAR] Suspects in Death of Dog Set on Fire Identified: Police

West Haven police said they have identified two suspects in the death of a small dog that was set on fire last week.

(Published Friday, July 12, 2019)

Moody is expected in court August 20.

Long Island Couple Says Neighbor Murdered Their Dog In Unprovoked Attack, Was Only Charged With Misdemeanor

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – A Long Island man has been charged with killing his neighbor’s dog. That dog’s owners are now speaking out about the cruel act.

They say the killing was unjustified and the punishment from police doesn’t fit his crime.

“He was a great dog, everyone loved him,” the couple said.

The Hauppauge couple is shattered over the killing of their dog. They say they tried desperately to stop their neighbor from choking the life out of their beloved Rex.

“I was walking Rex from there, that’s when his Shih Tzu attacked.”

On Sunday their pit bull, rescued from a shelter and professionally trained to stay calm, was reportedly on a leash when two other dogs in their apartment complex were unleashed.

Long Island pit bull Rex was killed by a neighbor in an allegedly unprovoked attack. (Credit: CBS2)

A Shih Tzu and a golden doodle each separately instigating a fight with Rex.

“The golden doodle charged on my dog, bit him in the neck… the golden doodle was latched, lock jaw on my dog’s throat.”

The couple tried to separate the dogs, getting injured in the process, that’s when they say the Shih Tsu’s owner – unprovoked – strangled Rex to death.

“Came running out, ‘he is a pit bull he deserves to die,’ went like this to my dog in front of my eyes. Squashed his neck and held his nostril,” Elana Greenfield said.

“He just stayed on top to him, we tried pulling him off and he was squeezing him and there was another dog owner who said ‘bro what are you doing you’re gonna kill the dog, you’re going to kill the dog.’ ‘I don’t care he’s a pit bull,’” Dominic Primerano recalled.

Rex’s owners, Dominic Primerano and Elana Greenfield (Credit: CBS2)

Suffolk police charged neighbor Huynh Toquoc with animal cruelty – a misdemeanor.

The golden doodle owner was also cited for having an unleashed dog. Neither could be reached for comment.

All a slap on the wrist says the anguished couple and others signing a petition to increase charges when a dog is unjustifiably killed.

“Pit bulls are stereotyped… That is so undeserved… He murdered our dog for no reason,” the couple added.

They’re seeking upgraded felony charges of aggravated animal cruelty which applies to cases of animal torture.

Suffolk police told CBS2 the alleged actions fit the misdemeanor charge, but would not elaborate on their reasoning.

The penalty for animal cruelty as a misdemeanor in New York is a $1,000 fine or up to a year in jail.

Killing a dog may be legally justified if it’s deemed dangerous, but not if a dog is protecting itself from an assault by another animal.

Warrants waiting to be signed in burning dog case


WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Mayor Nancy Rossi says arrests are coming for the suspects allegedly responsible for burning a dog at a West Haven beach.

The warrants for the two suspects just need to be signed. A source tells us it’s a woman and her boyfriend.

The dog’s remains were discovered at Sandy Point Beach over the 4th of July weekend. Police think the dog was a 1-year-old mini schnauzer.

More than $25,000 in reward money is being offered the case.

Rewards Offered After Dog Is Intentionally Burned To Death At Sandy Point Beach

A small dog was found burned to death in the parking lot of Sandy Point Beach.
A small dog was found burned to death in the parking lot of Sandy Point Beach. Photo Credit: Google Maps/Street View

The dog was found around 10 a.m., Friday, July 5, when the West Haven Police responded to the area of Beach Street near Third Avenue/Second Avenue for a report of an uncontained fire in the Sandy Point Beach parking lot, said West Haven Police Sgt. Charles Young.

The fire was extinguished and the initial investigation found a small dead dog, possibly a 1-year-old “mini Schnauzer” with cropped ears and a cropped tail, was located at the source of the fire, Young said.

An initial investigation suggests the dog had apparently been set on fire in the Sandy Point Beach parking lot and abandoned there. Initial investigation also suggests an accelerant was used, Young added.

Police released a photo on Tuesday, July 9, of a truck that was in the area at the time that might be able to help with information. The truck’s owner has since been located and police said they have absolutely nothing to do with the crime, but did have some information.

While police search for a suspect, the public is helping speed the process by offering up reward money in hopes someone will know who committed the horrible crime.

Groups offering rewards include the Facebook groupNew Haven: Why Not? , who is offering a $2,000 reward; Desmond’s Army has offered a $500 reward, and the rescue organization Green Fur Kidz has collected about $14,000 in pledges, with a $10,000 pledge from Executive Auto Group.

At this time West Haven Police are asking for anyone who may have seen the fire or any other suspicious activity in the area between 10 p.m., Thursday, July 4 and 10 a.m., July 5 to contact the police department at 203-937-3900, Detective Wolf at 203-937-3934 or , or Fire Marshall Keith Flood at 203-931-0031.

The department is also asking any area residents missing a small dog to contact the police or animal control.

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Dog Falls Into Canal And Starts To Drown, Until The Group of Dolphins Comes To Saves Him

Dolphins have always been admired for their beautiful form and graceful swim style. But there is more to these marine creatures than meets the eye. They are actually intelligent animals, capable of relating to each other ways. These dolphins proved their compassionate nature when they discovered a dog drowning. When a Doberman fell into the canal on Marco Island, Florida, there were no humans around to rescue him. No one knew that he had fallen in, and it started to look like the pup was out of luck. Luckily, someone did come to his aid.

The beings that helped the drowning dog were not humans; they were dolphins. The dolphins noticed the pup splashing around in the water and swam closer to investigate. They quickly realized that something wasn’t right. The dog was stuck in the canal. The wall that separated the water from the land was too tall for the Doberman to climb. He became frantic as he began to lose hope that someone would save him.

The dolphins may not have had arms or legs, but they found a way to help the dog. They swam around the area making as much noise as possible. “In fact, they made so much noise that some people who lived nearby happened to hear them and investigated why they were being so loud,” Snackay reports. “Then they noticed the dog trapped below the wall in the canal water.”

Finally, a rescue was under way. Firemen rushed to the scene and brought the dog out of the water. He was quite shaken up, but on the whole he was okay. If it hadn’t been for these dolphins, the dog most likely would not have survived. The firefighters estimated that the dog had been trapped for as long as 15 hours – that is a long time to keep swimming, especially if you are not a marine animal. To make matters worse, the pup had to go all that time without anything to drink. Since the canal was full of salt water, trying to take a sip would have only dehydrated him more.

This was one strong dog, but he owes his recovered safety to these compassionate dolphins. They recognized a problem and did whatever they could to restore him to his life on land. This story is a reminder that humans are not the only intelligent beings on the planet. There is a whole network of animals who are capable of forming strong bonds and developing emotional responses. As we continue to learn more about ocean life, we can build a closer community with these creatures.

If we try to live as one with the animals, this world would be a much better place. We should teach our children from very young age that every life matters, and every creature should be treated with kindness.

Presidential candidate misbehavior, campaign suspended


Former candidate Bailey, pondering his future with a pig ear dog treat

You know, you offer your dog up as a presidential candidate—as people do— when someone says they would vote for a dog over Trump. That a dog would do a better job than Trump.

So I started the Bailey 2020 campaign, the entirety of which consisted of posting a picture of Bailey here and there on DailyKos.

He’s a two year old rescue mini Aussie, smart as a whip, but with that common and exasperating fault:  He wants people food all the time.

   Yes, he eats dog food. But he really wants your food. 

I’m not just talking about the remnants of a burger or tuna sandwich. This dog stuck his nose into a glass of V-8 juice and slurped it all up.

He will try to eat potato chips, berries, cornbread. Bow tie pasta. Birthday cake.

Yes, he’s healthy, we got him checked out. And we are being scrupulous with putting scraps in the garbage and keeping him away from our leftovers. We are also trying out various kinds of dog foods to see what might interest him, hopefully more than his fondness for ketchup packets and tidbits from our cats’ litter boxes (so gross).

But after last night I’m suspending Bailey 2020 because of egregious misbehavior unsuitable for a presidential candidate.

Our daughter was enjoying a piece of pizza and setting up a selfie because Bailey was sitting adorably next to her. She should have known.

    Would Elizabeth Warren chomp down someone else’s pizza? Would Kamala Harris snatch food right out of another person’s hand? I think not.

    Sic transit gloria mundi  Bailey 2020

Sunday, Jun 30, 2019 · 8:25:16 PM PDT · chicago minx

Oh BTW, Elizabeth Warren’s dog is also named Bailey. I don’t know, of course, but I have trouble believing her Bailey is a pizza thief.

Pets presumed dead from Boeing 737 plane that crash landed in Jacksonville, Florida

A charter plane carrying 143 people and traveling from Cuba to north Florida ended up in a river at the end of a runway Friday night, though no critical injuries or deaths were reported, officials said. (May 4) AP


All 143 people aboard a military-chartered plane survived after the aircraft skidded off a runway into a river in Jacksonville, Florida, on Friday night, but their pets weren’t as fortunate.

At least four pets were checked in the luggage department located in the bottom of the plane that left Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to northern Florida.

Each is still on the aircraft and presumed dead, Kaylee LaRocque, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy in Jacksonville, confirmed to USA TODAY on Saturday.

Although the Boeing 737 plane is not completely submerged in the St. Johns River, the bottom portion, where the pets were positioned, is under water.

“There’s water in the cargo hold,” LaRocque said. “We are so sad about this situation, that there are animals that unfortunately passed away.”

Authorities have left the plane untouched as the National Transportation Safety Board conducts an investigation of the crash landing, meaning passengers’ possessions, including pets, are still on the plane.

LaRocque said the pets include dogs and cats. The flight’s manifest recorded a total of four pets on board, but she said it’s possible more could have been boarded.

“Unfortunately, they have not been retrieved yet due to safety issues with the aircraft, the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, where the crash landing occurred, tweeted early Saturday morning. “Our hearts and prayers go out to those pet owners during this terrible incident.”

NAS Jacksonville@NASJax_

Many people are asking about the pets aboard the aircraft that skidded off the runway into the St. Johns River last night at NAS Jacksonvilee. Unfortunately, they have not been retrieved yet due to safety… 

65 people are talking about this

The plane skidded off the runway at around 9:40 a.m. Cheryl Bormann, prominent defense attorney who was aboard the plane, described a chaotic landing in which the pilot appeared to lose control of the aircraft before it smashed into the water and screeched to a halt.

Owner faces jail time for abandoning dog to starve in locked home

Kyle Springer, 27, was taken into custody until sentencing scheduled for April 18

Kyle Springer, 27, faces jail time for abandoning his dog in a locked home without food for two months. The dog starved to death before being discovered. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

A 27-year-old man was sent to jail to await sentencing for leaving his dog to starve to death in a rented home he abandoned in 2015.

Kyle Springer was in Woodstock court Tuesday afternoon for sentencing on the criminal charge of cruelty to animals.

But after going over evidence, statements of fact and victim impact statements, Judge Julian Dickson said he needed more time to decide a sentence.

Springer is to be back in court April 18 at 1:30 p.m. for sentencing.

He was taken into custody until that time to the loud applause of a packed courtroom.

Two-and-a-half hours before Springer was scheduled to appear, the sidewalk in front of the Carleton County Courthouse was packed with nearly 100 protesters, many with their dogs, demanding a stiff penalty.

Springer pleaded guilty Jan. 8 to leaving his dog, Diesel, to starve to death in a locked rental home in the Woodstock area over the course of two months.

Protesters brought along some of their four-legged companions to the Woodstock courthouse Tuesday and called for a stiff sentence for Springer. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

According to the statement of facts read in court, the two-year-old shepherd mix was found dead in the fetal position near a window in the house weeks after Springer had left.

The dog had torn open everything in search of food and water, including bags of sugar, pillows and garbage bags. The home appeared covered with scratch marks and the living room, kitchen and bedroom floors were covered with the dog’s urine and feces.

‘Emaciation and dehydration’

RCMP were called to the house after the landlord found the dog Jan. 15, 2015. In June of that year, an arrest warrant was issued for Springer, who had left for Western Canada.

A necropsy performed by provincial veterinarian Jim Goltz found only two bits of plastic in the dog’s stomach. The animal lacked body fat, its eyes were sunken in, and its ribs protruded from its body.

Springer left his dog, Diesel, to starve to death in a locked rental home near Woodstock. (Submitted by Advocates for Animals)

The cause of death was “emaciation and dehydration,” said Crown prosecutor Nathalie Lajoie, reading from Goltz’s report.

According to western New Brunswick Crime Stoppers, Springer had moved to Alberta but was arrested after an anonymous tip when he returned for the 2018 holidays.

Nearly 100 protesters gathered outside the Woodstock courthouse Tuesday during the sentencing hearing for Springer. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

The statement of facts said Springer’s physical description as well as the make and model of his vehicle were shared with RCMP. Later in the parking lot of a Foodland grocery store in Florenceville-Bristol, police approached Springer in the vehicle described to them.

When police asked if he was Kyle Springer, Springer said ,”No.” He later admitted it was indeed his name when police requested he step out of the vehicle and placed him under arrest.

He was released on an undertaking and appeared in court on Jan. 8, when he pleaded guilty.

Sentence requests

The Crown argued Springer has obviously tried to avoid justice. Lajoie is requesting a jail sentence of five to six months,  along with a year of supervised probation and a 10-year ban from owning any animals. The request garnered gasps from the courtroom full of animal advocates.

Springer’s lawyer, Peter Hyslop, argued for a lighter sentence of 90 days in jail, to be served intermittently. Hyslop argued this was Springer’s first offence and his guilty plea should be considered a mitigating factor.

When Hyslop argued a stiff sentence could result in Springer losing his job with a fertilizer company and result in nobody in the area ever hiring him again, the judge was not having it.

“If he loses his job, there’s not much chance he’ll get another one in Carleton County in the foreseeable future,” said Hyslop.

“And whose fault is that?” Dickson said.

Thirteen seconds of uninterrupted applause followed Dickson’s response, and he demanded no further outbursts.

Animal advocate Susan Henley was pleased to see Springer remanded into custody until a sentence is delivered next Thursday. (Shane Fowler/CBC)

When asked if he had anything to say, Springer stood, wearing a plaid blue shirt and blue pants, and said: “I do feel bad for what happened to Diesel. That’s all, sir.”

Dickson then stated that he would need more time before handing down a sentence.

“I’m going to tell you right now an intermittent sentence is not in the cards,” Dickson said. “It will not be an intermittent sentence and I will give you full reason on the 18th, and, Mr. Springer, I’m remanding you into custody until then.”

Protesters react

Applause broke out again as Springer was handcuffed, but the outburst was quickly stopped by sheriffs.

On the courthouse steps afterward, protesters were pleased with the proceedings.

“I feel positive,” said Susan Henley, an animal advocate who travelled from Fredericton.

“We always want more. You come into these things praying for the most but expecting your heart to break at the end. But I really feel more positive than I have in a lot of cases that we’ve followed and gone to.”

Fellow advocate Stephanie Thornton said, “Hearing the shackles at the end was awesome.”