Woman Left Speechless After Dog Shelter Says Pet Would Have ‘Hated’ Her Active Lifestyle



Jess Hardiman

Published 12:35, 27 March 2021 GMTWoman Left Speechless After Dog Shelter Says Pet Would Have 'Hated' Her Active Lifestyle

A woman was left ‘speechless’ after trying to adopt a rescue dog, having been told her lifestyle was too ‘active’ for the pooch.

Twitter user Alice Gray (@AliceJaneGray) shared screenshots of her email exchange with an unnamed animal adoption facility, writing: “I applied for a dog today. This is the story in four parts. I’m actually speechless.”

Alice had reached out to register her interest in a medium-sized, mixed-breed dog called Angel, writing: “She’s gorgeous! Please let me know what the process is.”

She then proceeded to share a bit of information about herself, referring to herself as an ‘active 29-year-old professional, working from home full time’.

Alice wrote: “I am looking for a young dog as a companion and to make a family. I would love a dog that is active and enjoys running and hiking with me, as well as lots of cuddles and affection.”https://platform.twitter.com/embed/Tweet.html?dnt=false&embedId=twitter-widget-0&frame=false&hideCard=false&hideThread=false&id=1372249568738414594&lang=en&origin=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ladbible.com%2Fnews%2Fanimals-woman-speechless-after-animal-shelters-brutal-response-to-adoting-dog-20210327&siteScreenName=ladbible&theme=light&widgetsVersion=e1ffbdb%3A1614796141937&width=550px

She then asked for any further information that might be needed in order to ‘start the conversation about potentially adopting’.

However, the response Alice received perhaps wasn’t quite what she was expecting, with a blunt reply simply reading: “If you read Angel’s description she is a calm puppy who loves cuddles.

“She is not at all suitable for active, running and hiking.”

Not wanting to be shut down, Alice tried to fight her corner – having assumed that the shelter must be concerned that Angel was too young for her.

Stock image of dog. Credit: PA
Stock image of dog. Credit: PA

Saying she felt it was ‘a shame’ that she was not being considered, she wrote back: “As she is so young I obviously wouldn’t have started her off with lots of activity until she’s older.

“But I’m hoping for a companion that can do that, can grow with me and do those things in the future.”

But still there was no dice, with a final reply from the shelter’s office saying the dog would have simply ‘hated’ being with Alice.

The email said: “It is nothing [to] do with her age. She would have hated it.

“We have a duty of care to your dogs to ensure they go to the right home for them.”

Credit: Twitter/@AliceJaneGray
Credit: Twitter/@AliceJaneGray

The bizarre conversation has since racked up more than 220,000 likes and 15,000 retweets on Twitter, with many users commenting to say how ‘absurd’ they found it.

One wrote: “I am belly laughing at the absurdity of this response. SHE WOULD HAVE HATED IT Genuinely one of the most joyless and tactless things I’ve ever read.”

Someone else said: “I am speechless with you. As a longtime volunteer with a breed rescue, and someone who has fostered over 20 dogs, this response is whacked out.”

'She woud have hated it...' Stock image of dog. Credit: PA
‘She woud have hated it…’ Stock image of dog. Credit: PA

Others said they’d experienced similar problems with ‘picky’ animal shelters, while some said they sided with the shelter.

Another tweeted: “Rescues aren’t perfect, but their intention is to find the most appropriate homes for their dogs. You seemed to want something out your dog that they felt that this dog couldn’t offer. Had the potential for a bad fit and return of an older animal.”

However, in a follow-up tweet, Alice defended herself by saying she had read the information about Angel carefully.

She said: “So this went a bit mad – just because this seems to be a reoccurring theme:

“1) I read the description of the dog very well. No where did it say she doesn’t like exercise or needed limited walks.

“2) I wouldn’t apply for a dog that I wouldn’t be able to offer the right home to.”

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Woman Left In Stitches After Her Dog Steals Mum’s False Teeth

Tom Wood

Published 17:02, 29 June 2020 BSTWoman Left In Stitches After Her Dog Steals Mum's False Teeth

dog owner was left in stitches after her cheeky mutt managed to get hold of a set of false teeth and put them into his own mouth.https://www.ladbible.com/jw-iframe.html?videoId=jRSDRxed&autoplay=false&isNielsenEnabled=false

Stacie Owen’s little Jackapoo dog Milo has recently learned to open drawers, and it turns out that he plans on using this newly acquired skill to get himself into mischief.

When he managed to get into a particular drawer that held Stacie’s mum’s dentures, he managed to get them into his mouth in such a way that they looked as if he was giving everyone a toothy grin.

It’s absolutely hilarious, to be fair.

You’ve got to feel for Stacie’s mum who probably has had to disinfect her false teeth very thoroughly, but it certainly gave Stacie – and the thousands she’s shared the video with online – a bit of a giggle.

Credit: Storyful/Stacie Owens
Credit: Storyful/Stacie Owens

Stacie realised that something was going on when she couldn’t hear the wee dog doing anything. That – as every dog owner knows – usually means they’re asleep, or getting up to no good.

Anyway, when Stacie noticed that her Llandudno home had gone suspiciously quiet she went to try to find Milo and see what he was up to.

As she searched the house, she discovered that Milo had managed to get himself into her mothers’ bedroom, open up her bedside chest of drawers, and stumble upon her dentures inside.

Mercifully, she started filming the action. That’s a public service she’s done for all of us.

Milo even looks at one stage as if he’s posing for the pictures, enjoying the attention, and the fact that he looks like he’s wearing a goofy toothy smile.

Credit: Stroyful/Stacie Owens
Credit: Stroyful/Stacie Owens

In fact, he looks a bit like a strange Jim Henson creation, doesn’t he?

Stacie explained: “I wondered why he went quiet and found him in the bedroom with my mum’s old dentures,

“He likes to hold things in his mouth, he feels very proud when he has something. Whenever we go on a walk he will always bring something home.”

Since she uploaded the video to Facebook,it’s been shared more than 6,600 times, received 1,800 reactions, and at least 2,000 people have commented on it.

That’s a lot of people getting a decent laugh out of Milo’s antics.

Credit: Storyful/Stacie Owens
Credit: Storyful/Stacie Owens

One person commented: “Funniest thing I’ve seen in years.. I’m actually crying.”

Another added: “The laughter is as hilarious as the doggie.”

Seriously, if you need something to cheer you up on a grim Monday afternoon, this is it.

Featured Image Credit: Storyful/Stacie Owen