The Height of Hedonism: Shoppers eating reindeer meat?


The supermarket chain Lidl is offering shoppers the chance to try reindeer meat in the run up to Christmas. Animal rights groups have made their displeasure known, saying other wild animals are being systematically shot to protect supplies for retailers, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped people from giving it a try. Would you eat reindeer meat?

 Would you eat reindeer meat?
    1. Yes, it’s just like any other meat
    2. No! I couldn’t eat Rudolph

 B.  NO! Here:

What’s the Motive?


In response to this horrible crime scene photo, a Facebook friend innocently asked me, “What is the reason they do this?”

As I’ve said before, forget hunters’ feeble rationalizations. All I could tell her was: For fun? Sport? Hate? Intolerance? An overinflated sense of entitlement? Because they’re psychopaths?

Take your pick.

It seems there are a lot of reasons people can dream up to want to kill the wildlife their area is blessed with—especially if they already have their minds made up to be intolerant. Folks need to decide to accept their animal neighbors and adopt the old adage, “live and let live.”

While speculating on a murderer’s motive might make interesting tea time conversation, when it comes down to it, I don’t want to hear their justifications, their misguided notions, how they compartmentalize their killings or objectify their victims, I just want the behavior to end—one way or another.



Be Consistent—Support the Death Penalty for Trophy Hunters

I support the death penalty for serial killers, the type, like Ted Bundy, who acted out his fantasies of killing, mutilating, making trophies of and perhaps even eating parts of his innocent victims—just to boost his floundering self-esteem.

People like that have forfeited the right to enjoy nature’s beauty and be a part of this wondrous living planet. Bundy’s multiple escape record and subsequent violent recidivism proved that the only way to stop his ilk from killing and killing again is to humanely end their lives once and for all.

The same goes for the trophy hunter who enjoys killing elephants, giraffes, lions, elk, sheep or wolves with equal fervor. His (or her) bloodlust is never satisfied, even after they’ve committed a “Trifecta” of murders or crossed the “Big 5” African “game” species off their hit list.

Adding insult to injury, their grandiose egos compel them to broadcast their crimes across the internet, posing sadistically with their beautiful, rare, innocent victims while grinning psychopathically—showing off their vacuous viciousness. Like a serial killer who finds further fun in terrorizing their victims’ families from prison, trophy hunters get an added thrill from knowing that their grotesque, morbid, distressing photos victimize and terrorize still others who happen upon them.

The only way to rid the world of the menace of serial killers—whether their victims are human or non-man—is to execute them (as quickly and painlessly as possible, for we are not barbarians).

First, of course, we’ll have to change to laws to be consistent.




Hateful A-holes Kill Wolves in Mine Shaft

Thanks to William for this information:

Two wolves were killed in Granite County, Montana. The older male was wounded and tracked down for over a mile, at the end of which he had desperately sought escape in a mine shaft. The husband who killed a puppy, videoed his wife LeRee (both of Royal Tine Outfitters) and himself crawling in, killing, and dragging out the older packmate’s body.

Here’s how the killers describe the incident on “Hunting Washington Forum:”

Got a couple wolfs off a kill last week.  Mine was a 60 pound male pup and my wifes was a 90 pound male.  Had to get hers out of a mine shaft….

And here are a sampling of the comments they received:

–great job!!!!

You followed a wounded wolf into a mineshaft…

That’s a whole ‘nother level of crazy than I’m used to seeing on here.  Way to get it done, though  :tup:

You wanna adopt me for a week or so ? I want to kill a wolf more than anything I’ve ever shot.  Good job by the way……

If it ain’t dead, shoot it again at a 1000 yards !!                                               

–Kudos to you and your wife sir! 

–That there is SWEET!


Hunting: the Sport of Sociopaths

How can some people torment and kill animals and call it a “sport?” They must have the same merciless attitude as Canadian pig farmer, hands-on butcher and serial killer, Willy Pickton.

When asked by a Vancouver police interrogator to reveal the locations of the 49 women he’d murdered over his career (some of whose remains were ground up, mixed with pig meat and sold or given away to friends or family), Pickton asked, “Why should I do that?” To which the investigator replied, “For the families. They need to know.”

Willie’s chilling comeback summed up his entire outlook on life, “Not my problem, shit happens.”

Pickton was clearly a sociopath (or psychopath, if you prefer), and so must be those who subscribe to his “shit happens” philosophy. While a lot of folks are pretty unsympathetic about things that don’t directly affect them, hunters (like serial killers) take it a step further, by making bad shit happen to others.

Still not convinced that hunters are sociopaths? Consider these quotes from “diehard” bowhunter and NRA spokesman “terrible” Ted Nugent, about his favorite sport: “There’s an absolute surety to the hands-on conservation lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping…” or “If you want to save a species, simply decide to eat it. Then it will be managed – like chickens, like turkeys, like deer, like Canadian geese.” and “I get a full predator spiritual erection from hunting bear, lions, coons, housecats, escaped chimps, small children, scared women and everything else that can be chased and/or hunted.”

Now, if that guy’s not a sociopath, Willy Pickton’s just a pig farmer.


Update from the Bear-Killing Fields of Washington

While walking my dog this morning on the ordinarily deserted logging roads around here, I came across (in addition to several fresh piles of bear scat) boot tracks in the grass heading into a draw thick with blackberry and salmonberry bushes, where one of our local bears was murdered by a hunter (“harvested”) last August. Now, I’m hearing the report of a rifle and am wondering if the same narcissistic nimrod is out there trying to kill another of our bear friends (like some serial killer who struggled through an enforced nine-month cooling off period and, consequently, is gripped by the uncontrollable urge to satisfy his pent-up his bloodlust).

Although it’s barely berry season for the bears out there trying to stock up for the coming winter, it’s bear hunting season—as of August 1st—for Elmers and Elmerettes in the Evergreen State. Nowadays, every Elmer (or Elmerette) who wants to can kill not one, but TWO, bears apiece through November 15th!

As of last Thursday, any Washington State black bear who values his or her life will have no peace ‘til the snow flies and they’re safely tucked away in their hibernation den. Until then, they must assume there’s a camo-clad coward with a high powered rifle or compound bow aimed at them, perched in every tree they pass under.

Each year 30,000 black bears are killed by hunters in the U.S. alone. And each and every one of them was a more remarkable, more worthy being than the sadists and psychos who kill them for sport.

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

Text and Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson, 2013. All Rights Reserved

All Meat Is the Product of Cruelty and Exploitation

A German serial killer, Fritz Haarmann, known as the “Butcher of Hanover,” cut his victims’ bodies into strips of flesh and sold them as pork. Here in North America, third-generation Canadian pig farmer and serial killer of 49 women, Robert Pickton, ground the bodies of his victims into sausage and sold it in packages or gave it out to friends.

While it’s appalling that folks who acquired meat from Pickton may have ingested human flesh, it is equally unsettling that they didn’t notice. To the taste buds it seems meat is meat. This tragedy was just one of many recent incidents that should make people rethink their carnivorous ways.

On a related note, according to an article by Cindi Avila with NBC News, Whole Foods admitted to accidentally reversing labels on two salads sold at its stores, a curried chicken salad and a vegan version called curried “chick’n” salad, last Tuesday and Wednesday at some 15 of its locations in the Northeast (including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York). “The switched labels means it is highly likely someone who made a conscious choice not to eat animal products wound up doing so, through no fault of their own.”

To the ethical vegetarians who inadvertently ingested chicken flesh, the stomach-churning physical response of revulsion was on par with those of the pork-eaters who learned they’d cannibalized. Now, you might be asking yourself, “How can anyone compare eating chicken or pork to cannibalizing human flesh?”

The NBC article makes the clarifying point, “It may be hard for meat-eaters to understand, but this is a way of life that simply doesn’t involve compromise or mistakes. That’s especially the case for those of us who are vegetarian or vegan because of animal-welfare reasons or those who choose this for religious reasons.”

Pigs, like humans, cows and chickens, are capable of experiencing joy, affection, and pleasure. However, on hog farms, they are treated like unfeeling machines, confined in tiny stalls and fed growth-accelerating drugs that often cause lameness. Their teeth are cut with pliers, and their tails are cut off-without anesthetic. At the slaughterhouse, they are hung upside down and bled to death-often while they are fully conscious. Whether flesh comes from the victim of a serial killer or from a pig, a cow, or a chicken, it is the product of cruelty toward a thinking, feeling being who experiences pain and fear and wants to live free of exploitation.

In light of all this, why are people still eating meat? One common answer goes something like this: “I’m a human—superior to other beings—I’m entitled.” But a sense of entitlement is one of the trademark rationalizations that serial killers use to justify their wrongdoings, and grandiosity is also symptomatic of psychopathy, according to Canadian psychologist and author of Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us, Robert D. Hare, Ph.D. Other symptoms outlined on Dr. Hare’s “psychopathy checklist,” such as shallow emotions and a lack of empathy or remorse, aid the killer—or meat-eater—in disregarding the suffering of his or her victims.

Psychopathic serial killers objectify their victims and consider their victims’ self-interests insignificant. The same rationale is called into play when one thinks of pigs only as “pork,” cows as “beef,” or chickens as “poultry,” without thought of the individuals or their suffering.

Both Canada and the U.S. have had recent cases of mad cow disease. As a result, we saw news footage of downer cows, too sick to walk, being dragged by chains into slaughterhouses. Press coverage of avian flu outbreaks reveal the intensely overcrowded conditions of chickens on factory farms-tens of thousands of animals cooped up in their own filth, each with less space than a standard sheet of typing paper. Besides being warned of health risks, consumers are finally learning about some of the cruelties endured by the animals they know only as “roasts” or “drumsticks.”

It is never too late to examine our actions and re-evaluate our food choices accordingly. By respecting the interests of all sentient beings, we are not akin to the conscienceless killers that plague our society. The only way to ensure that you are not supporting grotesque violence and cruelty against animals, or benefiting from their suffering, is to adopt a plant-based diet.


Wolf-Killers’ Admit They’re Sadistic Perverts

Paul Watson was right. In his foreword to my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson wrote:

“Any man who has to kill a magnificent bear or bull elk to mount its head on his wall has some very deep and disturbing psychological and sexual problems. Hunting is no longer necessary for our survival but trophy hunting was never necessary for human survival. Trophy hunters can be described quite adequately as sadistic perverts and social deviants.”

Worst of all, they freely admit it.

An article by Cathy Taibbi in entitled “Wolf-killers admit it’s all about the sadistic sexual thrill” includes photos, links and quotes from one of the many anti-wolf Facebook pages where members brag about “’getting wood’ when seeing wolves trapped, tortured and killed, whether in images or in real life.” Flaunting the fact that they’re still legally entitled to their predatory perversions as long as the abused are only wild animals, they don’t hesitate to tell their Facebook friends that they “feel ‘orgasmic’ when hunting, trapping, killing, butchering, and even eating their victims.”

And they wonder why we call them psychopaths or compare them to serial Killers?

Anyone who gets sexually aroused at the sight of a trapped, struggling or suffering animal should be preemptively executed for the good of the many. They are what the FBI’s Behavioral Science team refers to as “sexual sadists,” the most dangerous of all offenders to their victims.

The Examiner article goes on to say “…in a nutshell, what they are saying plainly is that torturing animals is sexually arousing for them. Do we really want people like this freely expressing their fetishes on the Internet (where children can be traumatized – or worse, titillated – by them), or acting them out using our wildlife or pets?

“What’s happened to our society, when any show of ethics, decorum or empathy is treated as a liability to be ridiculed, threatened and treated derisively, while a site enabling perverted, sadistic sexual thrills from abusing animals is considered free speech?

“These kinds of pages are no better than so-called ‘crush videos’ (movies of innocent, live animals being stomped, cut apart with scissors, burned, etc., and sold to perverts who like to masturbate while watching) except that, being based more in the ‘traditional sports’ of hunting and trapping, these (for now, at least) manage to sneak by legally.

“Hunting, trapping and other hate/fetish sites need to be dealt with in the same fashion as perpetrators of illegal crush videos. The penalties for gratuitous animal abuse need to be severe. The moral fiber and safety of our society is definitely at risk.

“Yup. These are scary individuals. And our politicians are pandering to them. It’s a sad and disheartening statement about where America is at this point.”

The article includes a slide show of graphic photos of which they caution: “Viewer discretion is advised.” If you’re already well aware of the depth of wolf-hater depravity, then you might want to spare yourself the mental and emotional scarring. But if you have any doubts that wolf trapping is as evil as the Inquisition, then by all means view the slide show.