A Pair of Psychopathic Thrill-killers

[The question is, which one looks/sounds more psychopathic?]…

“Paddock did not have a criminal record, ABC News reports. He worked as an accountant before retiring and had a pilot’s and hunting license. ”

Stephen Paddock did not have a criminal record. He is said to have worked as an accountant and had a pilot’s and hunting license.

“I have a God-given right to pursue happiness, and happiness to me is killing things, skinning them, plucking them, and then having a good meal. What makes me happy is going out and blowing a duck’s head off.” – Phil Robertson

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Surprise, Surprise, Humans Used to Massacre Each Other as Hunter-gatherers


How long have humans been laying waste to one another?

Choose the most likely answer:

500 years.

10,000 years.

100,000 years.

Since the industrial revolution.

Since the agricultural revolution.

Since the dawn of Man.

No one seems to know for sure, but a safe bet is: ever since our first narcissistic primate ancestors climbed down from the trees and started preying on other animals.

But lately, revisionist history would have us believe that human on human conflict started with the agricultural revolution 4 to 6 thousand years ago.

A new study from Kenya reveals that humans from even as far back as 10,000 years ago were killing one another in what would today be considered mass murder.

In today’s news:


Unearthed at Nataruk, near Kenya's Lake Turkana, the battered bones provide "conclusive evidence of something that must have been an inter-group conflict," Cambridge University anthropologist Marta Mirazon Lahr explainedUnearthed at Nataruk, near Kenya's Lake Turkana, the battered bones provide "conclusive evidence of something that must have been an inter-group conflict," Cambridge University anthropologist Marta Mirazon Lahr explained

Remember trying to walk home from school?


by Susie Duncan Sexton

description A Yale professor, who spoke of teaching the -ISMS (racism, ageism, sexism), said that never did he have more dissension or hatefulness issuing from students than when he attempted to teach SPECIESISM.

He believed the collective guilt of having already eaten meat for a lifetime and laughing at animals and never stopping to face the reality of all the abuse other species suffer at the hands of humans is the primary reason humans become so stubbornly heinous. Yet, some of us become compassionate and wish to change. We are the true brave hearts. The others are cowards playing with murderous weapons. Nothing but cowards.


And as usual they – those who want to make an ugly point of their God(?)-given “dominion” over, well, everything, it seems – are once again taking their vileness and coarseness and ignorance out on the innocent – even stepping it up. Pretty odd stuff – sociopathic and psychopathic and bizarre. A bully is a bully is a bully.

Those types are as nuts toward humans as they are animals, in spite of any insincere attempts (on their part) at denial of such. Often…usually always…the swaggering grows due to gang-like behavior. Humans trying to impress other humans and to be accepted in some nightmarish club or other. Just unbelievable to observe.


But so goes history….ethnic cleansings, world wars, crusades, feeding ____ to lions, gladiator contests, rodeos, bull-fights, turtle tossing, quail shooting, and ………………… and all manner of kinky, mean, smug, creepy, stupid stuff.

Remember trying to walk home from school? And the little cliques that lay in wait? Well, those kids never change. And they seldom seem to pay for their nasty behavior. They manage to raise their little fists and display their Wal-Mart weapons in photo ops because maybe they really always wanted to be movie stars or quarterbacks or cowboys or roller derby dolls or something?


And they should have been disciplined by parents (who often maneuvered their way on to school boards) or teachers (who often wish to be popular with the meanest kids so that their work day goes smoother!).

C’mon 99% can relate to the horrors of the public school system then and now. Same old same old. And look where we all are today…putting up with the ugly fireworks I just described and whatever else the entitled want to impose on the rest of us.


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The Height of Hedonism: Shoppers eating reindeer meat?



The supermarket chain Lidl is offering shoppers the chance to try reindeer meat in the run up to Christmas. Animal rights groups have made their displeasure known, saying other wild animals are being systematically shot to protect supplies for retailers, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped people from giving it a try. Would you eat reindeer meat?

 Would you eat reindeer meat?
    1. Yes, it’s just like any other meat
    2. No! I couldn’t eat Rudolph

 B.  NO! Here: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/poll/2014/dec/08/would-you-eat-reindeer-meat-lidl

What’s the Motive?


In response to this horrible crime scene photo, a Facebook friend innocently asked me, “What is the reason they do this?”

As I’ve said before, forget hunters’ feeble rationalizations. All I could tell her was: For fun? Sport? Hate? Intolerance? An overinflated sense of entitlement? Because they’re psychopaths?

Take your pick.

It seems there are a lot of reasons people can dream up to want to kill the wildlife their area is blessed with—especially if they already have their minds made up to be intolerant. Folks need to decide to accept their animal neighbors and adopt the old adage, “live and let live.”

While speculating on a murderer’s motive might make interesting tea time conversation, when it comes down to it, I don’t want to hear their justifications, their misguided notions, how they compartmentalize their killings or objectify their victims, I just want the behavior to end—one way or another.