Protect WA Cougars from Trophy Hunters

A terrible bill has been introduced that will allow for the expanded hound hunting of cougars. This cruel and unsporting practice was rightfully outlawed by voters in 1996.

Under this proposal, counties can authorize a hound hunt based on public safety complaints of cougar sightings. The existing law already allows for citizens to protect themselves if they feel threatened by a cougar. Despite the fact that seeing a cougar does not constitute a threat and cougar kittens are extremely vulnerable to attacks by packs of dogs, proponents of the bill want to bring back the trophy hunting of cougars with hounds. This program was in place from 2004 until 2011, and resulted in widespread, guided recreational hound hunts offered by hunting clubs throughout eastern Washington.

Please call your state senator today to stop this dangerous proposal. Look up your legislator’s phone number. You can say: “I am a constituent, and I am calling to ask you to please oppose SB 5940.”

After making your call (please do not skip that crucial step!), fill in and submit the form below to send a follow-up message. Legislators receive a lot of email; be sure to edit your message so it stands out. 

I Swear Because I Care so Much

Cut the crap about a harmless little F-word, there’s animals fucking dying out there.

Yesterday I posted a picture someone put together of multiple murderers and their “trophy” giraffe kills. I’d thought about titling the post, “Who the Hell Hunts10557040_1609109249312078_7951148989311848842_o Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them?” But the issue made me so angry that I went with my gut reaction and titled it, “Who the Fuck Hunts Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them?” But, for that I’ve been chastised across the social media by certain readers.

Apologies to anyone reading this that’s a young kid or in some other way sheltered enough to think a word is somehow more offensive than a photo of dozens of dead giraffes and the fuckers who shot them down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally go around spewing obscenities, but when some asshole is out murdering animals as harmless and miraculous as a giraffe I start to get a bit pissed off. You could say my tact goes out the fuckin’ window.

Forgive me if I can’t stay civil when addressing some shithead serial-killer-sport-hunter who wants to add a lion, rhino or giraffe to his trophy collection.

Instead of being so sensitive to swear words, perhaps some of you should save your comments for the real criminals—the murdering mother-fuckers who kill sentient beings for sport.


Please sign and share these petitions.

Rhinoceros in SA need your help before their extinction


‘”Sportsman’s” Act': You Shall Not Pass

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

An Animal Rights Article from


Franziska, Northwest Animal Rights Group (NARN)
February 2015

Take more action here: Oppose Trophy Hunter Supported Sportsmen’s Act

Once again, a small faction of wealthy trophy hunters is pressuring your elected officials to allow the importation of — are you SERIOUS? — threatened polar bear trophies from Canada. They also want to open millions of acres of public lands to “sport” hunting and commercial trapping. And they want to do it without evaluating possible implications for animals, habitat and the opinions of Americans.

One definition of the word “sport” is as follows:

An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

I will let you contemplate such things as baiting, blinds, beer, hunting accidents, night scopes, decoys, lures, hounds, high-powered rifles, crossbows, camouflage AND MANY MORE as you mentally list the reasons hunting and trapping ARE NOT SPORTS.

In view of that…let’s shoot down the mis-named “Sportsman’s Act”.

Once again, a small faction of wealthy trophy hunters is pressuring your elected officials to allow the importation of — are you SERIOUS? — threatened polar bear trophies from Canada.

  • They also want to open millions of acres of public lands to “sport” hunting and commercial trapping.
  • And they want to do it without evaluating possible implications for animals, habitat and the opinions of Americans who enjoy our nation’s wild spaces without having to kill the inhabitants.
  • This bill would also permanently strip the Environmental Protection Agency of the authority to regulate lead shot and other ammunition under the Toxic Substances Control Act, and would add lead sinkers and other fishing gear to the existing exemptions.
  • To add insult to injury, the bill would direct up to $10 million annually toward improving access to landlocked public lands, allocate a larger proportion of existing federal funding to building and maintaining shooting ranges on federal and non-federal lands, and require federal land managers to consider how their plans may impact hunting, fishing and recreational shooting.

Do I need to remind you of the suffering involved for animals left to die slowly of bad shots, for their families and children, for animals trapped for days in agony, whose only release is (maybe) the trapper and his dogs? Hunting and trapping are NOT sports. They are HORRORS.

Please, if you don’t already know who they are and how to get in touch with them, find your federal legislators here [U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative]. Make a brief, polite phone call today to urge them to OPPOSE S. 405, the Sportsmen’s Act, and protect our wildlife and wildlands. (I know you don’t FEEL polite. I don’t either. But let’s pull ourselves together.) Follow up with an email (links at the same site above).

Who the Fuck Hunts Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them


Please sign and share these petitions.

Stop trophy hunting giraffes

Stop hunting giraffes for sport

Stop any kind of safari hunting in South Africa

Stop the savage and sickening trophy and sport hunting

Complete ban on trophy hunting in South Africa and a full census

Stop the legal killing of wildlife in trophy hunting

End WWF partnership with pro-hunting lobby

Ban lion farming and trophy hunting

Stop the canned hunting of large cats in South Africa

USF&WService save the lions from mass extinction

Zambian tourist board: to reinstate ban on hunting lions and leopards

Petition to UN: sue, ,Safari Club International,Dallas Safari Club

United Nations: sue, ,Safari Club International,Dallas Safari Club

This petition is awaiting approval by the Avaaz Community
United Nations: sue, ,Safari Club International,Dallas Safari Club
813 signers. Let’s reach 1,000

Why this is important

A petition for the UN to sue, ,Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club,Craig Packer and Colleen Berg for deliberate lying and exaggerating lion populations in Africa for the money they get from lion trophy hunting.
Posted February 4, 2015

A World that Never Was


Revisionist history may seem like harmless, feel good child’s play, but the threat it poses (to all other animals at least) is that without hearing the real story, people will never learn from the past.

It’s tempting to want to believe that all that has gone wrong with the human race is the result of being led astray by our technology, and if we could just get back to our caveman roots, everything would be happy and harmonious like it surely was back then. But contrary to contemporary popular belief, that’s a world that never was.

Even the earliest human hunters drove countless species to extinction and exhausted their carrying capacities time and again, ever since plant-eating primates first climbed down from the trees and decided to take up big-game hunting.10418292_778659628825562_4081410081902108848_n

The notion of the peaceful savage has long since been disproven, but people want to cling to it rather than accept the truth about human nature. Just look at the dead-animal adornments any warrior or tribal chief wore, and it’s easy to see the roots of trophy hunting.

The thought that any spear-wielding species who took advantage of fire to herd animals toward a cliff or into a box canyon had an innate sense of ecological fairness goes against all that made us human—envy, lust, greed, gluttony, a lack of empathy and an over-blown ego are the kinds of things that ultimately define a hunter, whether the motive for their behavior is sport or subsistence.

Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson summed up the chapter, “Paradise Imagined,” of their book, Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence, thusly, “There is no such thing as paradise, not in the South Seas, not in southern Greece, not anywhere. There never has been. To find a better world we must look not to a romanticized and dishonest dream forever receding into the primitive past, but to a future that rests on a proper understanding of ourselves.”

Humans have achieved an awful lot of success as a species over the years, but judging by our planet-crushing prowess, we may have finally breached our collective britches.


‘Prince William HAS to stop being a hypocrite – especially when it comes to animal cruelty’


Prince William has attacked the Chinese for their animal cruelty, but has he got any right to criticise, asks Mirror columnist Brian Reade  ….

Speaking at the World Bank on Monday, Prince William attacked them for their role in wildlife crime, accusing them of being major players in “one of the most insidious forms of corruption in the world” which is done to satisfy man’s “craving for trinkets.”

Words that leave the future monarch wide open to accusations of hypocrisy (and I’m not merely talking about having a dad who parades more trinkets on his chest than the worst tin-pot dictator.)

Because this is someone who, in February, went with his brother to the Duke of Westminster’s 37,000-acre hunting estate in Spain to shoot wild boar and stag.

On a previous visit to his godfather’s Spanish killing fields, the princes were said to have bagged 740 partridge in a day.

His defenders argue William was speaking for endangered species, not the plentiful ones.

But is he so thick he can’t grasp that species tend to become endangered after man has killed so many few are left?

I’ll answer that for you. Yes he is thick. He also comes from a family of animal-slayers.

In 2004 his brother was photographed grinning widely, in Argentina, over the body of a one-tonne water buffalo moments after he’d killed it.

Harry loves big game hunting, just like grandfather Philip, who, despite being a former World Wildlife Fund president, has been known to shoot tigers and crocodiles in India/

And closer to home, in a couple of weeks, the whole clan will walk off their sprouts around the Sandringham estate, blowing birds out of the sky, for no other reason than they can.

If I were the China Daily cartoonist, after I’d finished with the CIA, I’d have sketched a chinless wonder pointing a smoking gun at a wild boar with blood running from its guts spelling out the words “Do as I say not as I do…”

If I were a photo-journalist on that paper I’d be asking my editor to send me to Sandringham to film the hypocrites in all their blood-lusting glory, and then ask: “Is it OK to sadistically kill wild beasts if it’s on one’s own land, or one’s rich friend’s land? And if it’s for fun?”

I know the Royals are led to believe they rule us by divine decree, but who toldthem they also have the right to decide which creatures get to exist and which ones don’t.

As an endangered species themselves, you think they’d be more careful.

Should shooting animals for sport be banned?


Just Because It’s Legal…

…Doesn’t make it right.


Tolerance has it limits. Laws change and evolve with the times. Things have gotten a little better for human rights and a whole lot worse for animals and their rights. It depends on who’s making the laws. Today’s Nazi party is run by sport hunters and their game department lackeys. The victims have no say in the matter. We must be their voice.

Abolish Atrocities Against Animals Today!