the sexual politics of thanksgiving

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Honestly, I was hesitant to even include the facebook screenshot with my post because I thought it might encourage someone to actually try this. It should go without saying: Please don’t do this at home! The image is of a cooked turkey with the appearance of human female breasts.

In this image,  the dead body of a once living, sentient turkey has been sexualized. Of course the caption includes something along the lines of, “If everybody at your dinner has a sense of humor…” because only boring, non-humorous folk would find this gross and offensive.  The “humor” in the image hides the violence committed against animals and the objectification of women, since “jokes” like this take away the identities of animals and women,  making them commodities to be consumed.

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1 thought on “the sexual politics of thanksgiving

  1. Someone sent this to my husband a few days ago. I said I was grossed-out! But one of my brothers said he thought he had ‘dated’ her when he was in the service. Thus making the connection of objectifying women ( camp followers/hookers) but putting it in such a way that no one was ranting level offended, by poking fun at himself. Of course it is a vile photo! The person who thought it up must be a real sicko?

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