Sierra Club petition: Don’t let Big Oil threaten the last Florida panthers!

The biologists found him in the Florida Panther Wildlife Refugecougar cub — alone and shivering, weighing barely a pound.

The little panther cub never should have survived, but his will to live was strong. He made a miraculous comeback at Tampa’s zoo and is now back to his feisty self! [1, 2]

But no matter how resilient the Florida panthers are, they won’t survive without our help. Down to a population of barely 100, these majestic felines cannot take another blow from Big Oil.

A Texas oilman wants to drill next door to the very refuge where this cub was found — tell the EPA that endangered species matter more than fossil fuels! Stop this dangerous oil project now!

When the Dan A. Hughes Company asked if they could put an oil well right in the middle of critical Florida panther habitat — and only 1000 feet from the nearest house — tea party Governor Rick Scott’s administration was all too happy to oblige. [3, 4] And not only did they issue the permits, they didn’t even require an environmental study!

The good news is that amazing local activists, including Sierra Club members like Marcia Cravens, have convinced the EPA to step in and hold a hearing, scheduled for this Tuesday. We need to stand up for the panthers and get Marcia’s back — will you send your letter to the EPA today, before this week’s hearing?

Let’s send 60,000 letters to the EPA right away! Tell the Obama administration: Florida needs its panthers and clean water more than Big Oil needs more profits!

Oil spills are in the news more and more often. Just last month, a barge spilled 31,000 gallons of crude in New Orleans, closing the Mississippi River for hours. We need fewer fossil fuels, not more — but if oil developers like Hughes get their way, the panthers and local residents could be living in the next oil disaster zone.

The list of protected Florida lands and water these new oil leases threaten is staggering: the Florida Panther Wildlife Refuge, the Big Cypress National Preserve, the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary — it goes on and on. The panthers and the local communities deserve better.

From candlelight vigils to a protest outside the governor’s house, local residents are going all in [6, 7, 8] — and Sierra Club Florida has been with them every step of the way, making great progress by convincing the EPA to hold this week’s hearing. [9] We can ensure that the hearing counts by making sure the EPA hears from 60,000 of us first, showing them how high the stakes really are.

This could be the panther’s last stand. Raise your voice and send a quick comment to the EPA before the hearing: No oil wells in critical panther habitat!

In it together,

Nathan Empsall
SierraRise Senior Campaigner

Sign Petition Here:;jsessionid=A0C5633B6DBA8F91F0CBD612EB377ADC.app205a?=display&page=UserAction&id=13070&s_src=414CSRBOA4_NSRSR&s_subsrc=W&utm_source=sierrarise&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BO


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