Woman Faces Life In Jail For Helping Ducks

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**update from cbc: Czornobaj is only receiving 90 days in jail and 10 years ban on driving**

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It’s rather unfortunate that some developed countries like CANADA would still punish people for doing good. 25  year old Emma Czornobaj received life in prison for negligence for the death of a motorcyclist and his passenger who smashed into her car.

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In 2010, Emma Czornobaj was driving down the highway when she spotted a group of ducklings without its mother on the median of the highway. Czornobaj stopped to help them find its mother and was prepared to take them home to raise when Andre Roy, 50, who was travelling with his 16 year old, Jessie crashed into Czornobaj’s car. Roy died on site and his daughter was found pinned under the Honda Civic and died later in a hospital. Roy was reported to have been travelling at 70-80mph in a 60mph zone…

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3 thoughts on “Woman Faces Life In Jail For Helping Ducks

  1. I’m sure I would’ve done the same thing!! I freak out when I see animals around & near the road and won’t hesitate to stop and help an animal in need. I’ve stopped plenty times for geese crossing in business parks but haven’t had any duckling instances. Aren’t people supposed to be in control of their car at all times? It’s a real shame what happened but people should be paying 100% attention to the roadway!

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